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YouTube End Cards Now Available On All YouTube Channels

YouTube have now released the new End Cards/End Screens to all YouTube Channels with the new End Card Editor. The end cards work on mobile devices as well as desktop, so you can now have your viewers click through to other videos, your playlists, your website and even Subscribe, when viewing […]

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No1 Way To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

One of the most popular questions I get asked are “How do I get more views on my videos on YouTube?”…
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 13 year old aspiring YouTuber in their bedroom, or a business owner looking to get more traffic to their website from the almighty YouTube… everyone wants more views.

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Create Engaging Videos – 3 Steps To Longer Views & More Subscribers

Would you like to have your viewers watch your videos in full? Would you like them to Subscribe more?
In this video we give you the 3 Step formula to get people watching your videos longer, and also getting them to Subscribe more. […]

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The Truth About YouTube Rank

Using YouTube Rank for your business is very important to get ahead when you’re using YouTube.
YouTube Ranking of your videos can give you the edge over your competition and get the bulk of the traffic that are searching for your products or services.
But there are changes coming to the world of Video Marketing using YouTube, […]

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How To Set Up YouTube One Channel – YouTube Channel Template

YouTube One Channel is here to stay, and with it a new YouTube Channel template.
There has been much reaction to this change, but it isn’t going anywhere… Not for a while anyway!
So in this video I show you how you can set up the One Channel background on your YouTube Channel […]

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How To Change A YouTube Channel Name On The One Channel Layout

You’ve set up your new YouTube Channel, but you’re wondering how to change a YouTube Channel name…
Well this is the question asked by swimwear model and actress Chanel Ryan in this segment of Ask David.
Like many on YouTube, she set up her channel, but wasn’t able to add the name she […]

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How To Get On First Page Of Google With Video Ranking

When it comes to video marketing, the question is often asked how do I get on the first page of Google with video ranking, or video rankings?
The answer to this is that your best chances of ranking video on the first page of Google or YouTube happens before the video is even made…
When […]

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Increase Engagement And Conversions With One Simple Tool

Engagement with viewers and prospects on your videos is vital if your videos are going to convert them into customers.
Video is one of the easiest ways to engage with an audience but increasing conversions can be a very hard process.
In order to have a highly converting video, you have to have one key […]

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