How Do I Get More YouTube Views


If you ever ask “how do I get more YouTube views?” or wonder about more views on YouTube, then there are 3 simple but effective steps you can take to get there.
You have a YouTube video, or videos, you’d like to promote and you would like to more YouTube views.
This is a pretty common situation, and this video aims to help you with it…

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In order to get more YouTube views, you need to follow a simple formula.
This is exactly what YouTube wants you to do, and when you follow this route, they reward you with being put as a suggested video on other videos.
These tips may be simple, but they are very effective to get more YouTube video views. They’re not some fly by night steps, but ones that will be working for you as long as you want them.
Whether you want to get more views on YouTube or are wondering how to get more YouTube views and subscribers on your channel, these steps will help you for a long time.

Tip 1

Mention your other videos in all your videos.  When people are watching your video, make sure to let them know about your other videos, especially if/when they discuss a similar topic or problem that your current video is going over.
This will lead to people not only watching more of your videos, but also watching more videos in general.
YouTube likes it when you keep people watching videos on their site or through their Apps. The more you keep them engaged, the more they’ll reward you.

Tip 2

Link to your other videos with Annotations. YouTube like it when you cross promote your videos. When people stay on YouTube, you get rewarded. Using Annotations is one of the best ways to do this. This is the reason YouTube have them there.
Link to your other videos, either with a basic Annotation or by using graphics on your video to get more videos viewed on your YouTube Channel.

Tip 3

When setting out to create a YouTube video or YouTube Channel that you want to work for you for a long time to come, there is one thing you have to do every time in order to achieve this – Create Content People Want To Watch!
I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… Create videos that is proven that people go to YouTube to watch.
I’ve talked about this and showed you how to do this on How To Get On First Page Of Google With Video Ranking and I also cover it in greater detail in the Free Video Traffic Report.
When you know what people want, it’s very easy to give it to them. They will then tell you more of what they want and you’ll never run out of quality content to create.
When you have quality videos, your views will soar, your Subscribers will increase and you can be a YouTube star.
It’ll be then that people will be asking “How do YOU get more views on YouTube?”
There are your 3 top tips to get more YouTube views.
Video Traffic Report 2013If you’d like to take your YouTube videos to the next step, download the FREE Video Traffic Report.
You’ll find out how to discover those hidden topics that your viewers are begging you to create for them.
It shows you the little known terms Google wants you to have on your videos that will dramatically increase your rankings in Google.
Download the report now and get more views on YouTube today.

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