No1 Way To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

One of the most popular questions I get asked are “How do I get more views on my videos on YouTube?”…
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 13 year old aspiring YouTuber in their bedroom, or a business owner looking to get more traffic to their website from the almighty YouTube… everyone wants more views.
Now apart from the obvious ways that I’ve gone over again and again, there is one method that multiplies your views, that’s super simple, and everyone can apply…

And that method is Playlists.
Now, it’s not as simple as putting a video in a playlist and then “expecting” the world and their dog to watch ALL your videos on your YouTube Channel. NO!
There is a way to use Playlists on your Channel and in your marketing that will multiply your views on YouTube, which in turn converts those viewers into prospective customers, and more than likely Subscribers too.
You see, Playlists are just like videos. You can have unlimited playlists on your Channel, and you also have Titles and Descriptions… making them totally rankable on YouTube, and Mr. Google!
Playlists allow you to multiply your presence on YouTube. You can create playlists for the different types of content you have, the different answers that people have, the different categories and sub-categories of your content too.
Their use is finite.
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So how can you use Playlists to get more views on YouTube?

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  1. Every time you send out a link to one of your videos on YouTube, it should be in a Playlist relevant to the question that’s being asked.If you’re in the nutrition/health market, and a someone is looking for a smoothie for after a workout, you have a playlist for that…If they’re looking for a juice to help them get over a cold, you have a playlist for that…
    EVERYTHING you have on YouTube should be in relevant playlists for whatever they help with. Title the playlist as you would a YouTube video, and also add a keyword rich description too.
  2. Add the most searched for Playlists/Terms to the front of your ChannelYou’re able to add up to 10 “Shelves” or “Sections” to the front of your YouTube Channel. These can be Playlists, or lists of Playlists. So put your best Playlists on the front at the top so you get those clicks when people land on your Channel.Don’t leave it to YouTube to do this for you as they won’t. Plain and simple.
  3. Link your video Annotations to Playlists.When you add a link to another video using Annotations on your YouTube video, make sure it’s to a Playlist.Linking to your other videos increases WatchTime (which is GREAT) and sending people to your video in a Playlist increases WatchTime even more.

So those are just some of the options you have to get more views on YouTube. Use Playlists in a smart way and you can definitely multiply your views from those that come across your videos.
Put them to use on your YouTube videos and get more views on your videos, as well as more customers into your business.
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