I Want To Collaborate With You

Hi there, would you like to be featured on my YouTube Channel in one of my videos?
Would you like to get new viewers, Subscribers and even Customers from a video we do together..?
If you said yes, to either or both of these, then I have something special for you!

You see, I want to Collaborate with you on my YouTube Channel.
Here’s a video explaining everything.
[leadplayer_vid id=”566AACDEB861C”]  
When you’ve fulfilled the criteria, send all your information to me at www.davidwalshonline.com/collab.
We’ll go through everything and when the video ideas are in line with everything, we’ll set it up.
And, as I said in the video, if you’re in London, or are willing to travel to London, then we could do the video at YouTube Spaces in London too.
So come up with some cool video ideas to do together and we’ll Collaborate together to boost your YouTube Channel.
If you have any questions about anything, let know in the comments area and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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  • James Rundle says:

    Hi David,
    Hope you have enjoyed the holidays
    We spoke yesterday about your help enabling my channel to get used on Brian May of Queen website.
    Your advice over the past two year has been invaluable in how to be inventive, creative as well as just being able to use YouTube.
    My collab video How To Become A Famous Guitarist On YouTube From Your Bedroom https://www.youtube.com/cards?v=v-IdkP-FzcA outlines the basics of running a successful guitar driven channel.
    There is no advice on YouTube for guitar channels. Many guitar teachers think being a good guitarist alone will give them success and fail to identify what people want.
    Ideally if I made a video with you David it would be (as you have the resources) for the video to be myself making a video and you to correct me as I go showing how to improve things.
    It would be really good to discuss the idea in more depth as it’s difficult to set out in a short message
    kind regards
    James Rundle

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