David Walsh

Hi, firstly I wanted to thank you for coming to my site, and to tell you a little bit about me.

My name is David Walsh and I’m a YouTube Certified marketing expert. My focus is working with businesses like yours to increase:

  • your Exposure
  • your Brand Awareness
  • Leads into your business…

I started creating videos 22 years ago for life after 14-year International career in Olympic Taekwondo. I created TKD DVD, which quickly became the biggest Taekwondo Competition DVD production company in the world (yes, back in the day when DVD’s where at thing!).

Flying Side Kick

That’s when I discovered the magic of story and video, and started creating sales videos that made a lot of money for my clients.

I was so busy working on client projects that I didn’t even notice a very important thing: I had no leads in my pipeline. Then when my 2 biggest contracts completed, I was left without a revenue stream.

I needed to quickly find a solution, as with no new clients coming in, and nothing in place to get them, it was a pretty stressful time.

During a morning run, I asked myself the magic question…“What has generated clients for me in the past..?”
Then it hit me!

I had uploaded 4 videos online that brought in $10,000 worth of business…

And of course, I uploaded them to YOUTUBE!

I quickly set my strategy to create video content that would grow my channel and my business.

Within 10 months the channel grew to 10,000 Subscribers, and in just over 3 years, to over 100,000 Subscribers.

I have helped my clients fill their offline events and programs with YouTube, go from 10K subscribers to 37K subscribers in 3 months, generate thousands of dollars in weeks, and become such an authority in their niche that they had to turn away business.

Today, I work on video across not only YouTube, but also LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, as well as other emerging social platforms… and also speak to audiences about how to leverage video to grow their businesses.

My focus is on using these platforms, using your story and expertise, to create raving customers and clients that flock to you to buy everything you have.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you and your business to make more online today.