About David Walsh

David Walsh is the creator of the Be The Greatness  which is a success identification method that helps you understand who you are, what your true genius is, and how to use that to connect with your ideal target audience who are looking for your unique skills.

He is also an International Gold Medallist and 16 times Irish National Champion in Taekwondo and today enjoys running 100m sprints.

Reasons You Should NOT Be Here

Hi I’m David. 

I do love how these “About” pages are written in the third person, when they’re often written by the person themselves – this one being no exception 😉

So rather than insult your intelligence and “do the same” I’m going to be authentic and honest with you and write this as me, as if I’m talking to you as a friend… and who knows… that may even happen some day 😎

So What You Want To Know?

This is probably not what you’re looking for…

So, you may be wondering “Is this guy worth my time and attention?” and for many people, the answer is NO.

Currently, I’m 50 years old – half way to 100.

I am Irish, if you didn’t already guess, and I live just outside of London in Hertfordshire.

I am a widower, my wife Lena – the love of my life – passed away in 2021 from cancer.

Here’s Why

I Can Not Help You Get Rich Quick

Growing a business today does not happen overnight. Being consistent with your message takes a lot of work and perseverance, as you know if you have your own business, and that doesn’t change even when you’re successful.

It still takes work and consistency no matter what.

If you want to kick back and put your feet up while someone else does all the work, or are looking for the latest shiny object, then I’m not your man…

If You Don’t Have A Product Or Service That Helps The World, You’re Not Going To Enjoy My Stuff

After working for myself for nearly 30 years, the people I enjoy working with the most are those that have a product or service that actually helps people and makes the world a better place.

While I could make a lot of money working with companies and brands that don’t necessarily make the world better – and would make me a lot of money – that’s not where my passion lies and I wouldn’t last too long working with them…

If You’re Looking To Not Be “Your TRUE Self”, I Can't Help You

As I mentioned, growing a business – especially one that’s going to sustain you, your team and your family – takes work and consistency.

And I believe, if you want long term success, you have to build it around YOU.

If you don’t have a business that’s aligned with your values and beliefs, it makes it difficult to be passionate about what you do, and to help those you can really help – and enjoy doing it for many years.

Building an Authentic Business starts and ends with YOU. You are the DNA of the business and that goes all the way through to your products, your team and your customers and clients.

Marketing, sales and building a company is hard work. And when they’re not aligned with who you are, it can become 10 or 20 times more difficult. Plain and simple…

Once you identify what it is you can truly help your ideal customers and client with, have the foundations and structures in place, then your business can give you the freedom you’re looking for, and have the life you deserve.

Still Here? Cool.

What Do I Help You With?

My main focus is to help you identify where your Greatness is, and how you use that to make the world a better place, and get handsomely rewarded for it.

I’m the creator of “Be The Greatness” which is that unique talent and superpower that’s inside you bursting to get out, and then how can you get handsomely rewarded for it?

This, in my opinion, is where every entrepreneur should begin, no matter what, to create a sustainable long term business that they love and ignites their fire every day.

I also focus on your Personal Branding & Messaging – which is a fancy way of saying “Getting people to connect with you before you sell them something so they look forward to buying from you”.

I do this by showing you how to communicate in a way that attracts your ideal target audience so they know you understand their pains and frustrations even before they see any of your products or services, and repels those who aren’t ideal for you so neither of you are wasting time only to discover you’re not a good fit for each other down the road.

The best way to do this is by using a method of branding I created called Greatness Branding, communicating with your Authentic Message.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Tactics and strategies that you can put into action right now – totally free – or your money back 😉

Products and Services to help you accelerate the growth of your business

Yes, I will have something for you to buy, and I will make you an offer… That’s how business works right?

My strategy is to give you so much value with my free stuff that you’ll be more than happy to buy my paid stuff 😎

How Will I Know If Your Stuff Works?

Plain and simply, all you have to do is to put the free stuff to work for you… get that moving for ya, and then buy my other stuff.

If you like and resonate with me (very important) and like my free stuff, chances are, the paid stuff will work gangbusters for you.

How Did You Get To Be Doing What You’re Doing Today?

Ahhh… this is the biography bit where I’m supposed to hype myself up so I sound very very important…

Since that’s not how I do things, here’s the actual bio of me, so you know who I am, and why I do what I do today…

As you have read above, my wife Lena died in late 2021. This is a significant moment in my life, as it’s directing almost everything I do today… and for very good reason.

Before then, I was a YouTube Consultant (known as Mr YouTube) working with clients to grow their business using the power of, you guessed it YouTube, and video marketing.

Lena worked in the business with me and things took a turn for the worse in 2021 when Lena’s third bought of cancer became extremely aggressive.

In Sept 2021 Lena was admitted to hospital, and there was nothing they could do. They sent her home and didn’t expect her to last the weekend.

Lena fought with every fibre of her being but the cancer eventually won, and 5 weeks later, the love of my life took her last breath.

Utterly devastated, a switch was flipped in my head… everything changed in an instant!

In my grief I began to question why I was on the planet, and there was an itch I just couldn’t scratch.

Eventually I received the answer to the question – why I was here – and what my purpose in life was…

To Inspire 1 BILLION People to Unlock Their Greatness..!

This lead me to close my YouTube Consultancy and totally change the course of my business to help you understand exactly who YOU are, WHO you help and what you DO for them so you have an AUTHENTIC BUSINESS that (re)lights your FIRE inside you, makes the world a better place, and you are rewarded for that, leaving a legacy for your family and your customers/clients.

Here’s My First Offer For You

Go to the blog section and read some of the free posts.

If you’re interested in finding out who YOU are more, then take the Business Type Quiz. You’ll see the big red buttons on the page.

Then, when you see an offer for a product or service that can help you, consider buying it.

Pretty straight forward…

Thanks for reading all the way down here. If you know me and have read any of my posts on socials you’ll know it when I say… Thank you. I love you. 🙏❤️


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