How To Get On First Page Of Google With Video Ranking


When it comes to video marketing, the question is often asked how do I get on the first page of Google with video ranking, or video rankings?
The answer to this is that your best chances of ranking video on the first page of Google or YouTube happens before the video is even made…
When you’ve created your video and THEN decided how you’re going to go after video rankings, then it’s far too late.  You’ve definitely missed the boat and you’ve made it considerably harder for yourself to get decent rankings with Video SEO (VSEO).
So what’s the best strategy to get your videos ranking on Google..?

Well, as I mentioned, it happens before you even create your video.
You may have a topic for your video, but unless you have SPECIFIC content in there, you will fail to rank and stay ranked for the keywords you’re looking to rank for.
Yes you can get loads of views and yes, you can create a bajillion backlinks to your video, but unless you have one thing done correctly, you’re going to be overtaken very easily by anyone who’s done this properly.
The vast majority of your video ranking and video SEO success relies on proper Keyword Research.
In this video I show you how you can use it to get on the first page of Google and leap over your competition.

So that’s how you set up your Video SEO campaign to rank your videos in Google and YouTube.
This is the most vital step for you – even before creating your content.
Once you have your keywords for your videos, then you create laser targeted content around those keywords, making sure you use your main one and other related keywords in your content.
This way Google and YouTube understand what your content is about and that it’s relevant to the keywords your targeting.
Video Traffic Report 2013If you could like to take this to the next level and get masses of targeted traffic then download my free Video Traffic Report for 2013.
YouTube is one of the best ways of getting targeted leads and prospects to your site and business today.
But as with anything, it’s not going to last.
As more and more people get on board with using video, and the ways to create video get easier and easier, things are going to get even more competitive with video marketing, video SEO (VSEO) and ranking videos in Google and YouTube.
Download your Free Video Traffic Report now and you’ll also get a Checklist to optimize your YouTube Channel and Videos so that your videos rank for the keywords you want.
As always, if you have any questions, ask in the comments below. I look forward to answering them and I may even answer your question in my next video 🙂
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