Create Engaging Videos – 3 Steps To Longer Views & More Subscribers

Would you like to have your viewers watch your videos in full? Would you like them to Subscribe more?
In this video we give you the 3 Step formula to get people watching your videos longer, and also getting them to Subscribe more.
In this video, I have my good friend Joey Xoto walk you through the 3 Step Strategy to getting longer views on your videos, more engagement as well as more Subscribers.

Step 1 – Create A Hook

Your first step is to open your video with a “Hook”.
This is where you make a “promise” about what’s contained in the video that creates interest from the viewer and identifies the content as being what they’re looking for.
If they like that, they’ll continue watching. If it’s not what they’re looking for, they’ll move to another video.
This is what you want, as you don’t want people watching your videos if they’re not right for them.
In this video, my hook was
“If you’d like to know how to structure your videos so you not only get longer watch time on your videos but also, more subscribers to your YouTube channel stay tuned, watch this video as I show you how.”
You can see from this that it identifies what the “promise” of the video is – ie what the content is going to be in the video.

Step 2 – Deliver Engaging Content

This is the meat of your video…
Here you deliver on your “promise” in the Hook.
With this, get to the point and deliver. Your audience will appreciate it a lot more when you deliver on your promise.
You may also want to cut out any fluff in your video so it’s on point and not giving info that’s of no value.
This can definitely be a case of editing more is better.

Step 3 – Have A Call To Action

A Call To Action is where you tell your viewer what to do next.
You’ll see this in all my videos, where I tell you to Like, Share and Comment, as well as Subscribe if you’re not already a Subscriber.
This is how I’m able to grow my Subscribers on YouTube.
For a Sales or Marketing video, the Call To Action could be “Click the button below to buy/opt in for a report”.
Tell the viewer what to do, and it dramatically increases them doing it.
It goes without saying, that if you don’t tell them, that they won’t do it. And this isn’t because you didn’t tell them, it’s because they may not know what you want them to do.
So there you go, those are the 3 Steps to creating an Engaging Video that will get your viewers to watch more of your video and Subscribe more to your YouTube Channel.
Take this information and use it on your videos, whether they’re on YouTube, your website, or where ever.
Let me know your thoughts on these steps in the Comments area below 🙂


  • Dave Hutchison says:

    Thanks David for your video presentation. There is good advice presented here that lot of YouTube folks could learn from. Glad also to see you back in good form, as your engaging personality was sadly missed during your recent hiatus.

  • Boyce Wills says:

    So how does a video marketer or aspiring YouTube star extend his or her average minutes watched metric?

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Boyce,
      Great question…
      The best way is to create great content that’s engaging and that people WANT to watch. This is the secret to success on YouTube, no matter how long the video.
      If you’re content is engaging, then the length of the video doesn’t matter. Look at video game videos. People can watch them for hours on end. They’re 30-90 minutes long and they get millions of views.
      Create awesome content and you will get the views.

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