The Truth About YouTube Rank

Using YouTube Rank for your business is very important to get ahead when you’re using YouTube.
YouTube Ranking of your videos can give you the edge over your competition and get the bulk of the traffic that are searching for your products or services.
But there are changes coming to the world of Video Marketing using YouTube, and they’re coming very quickly.
And to make matters worse, you won’t even know they’re coming until it’s too late.
In this video I walk you through the Truth About YouTube Rank so you know what’s coming in the world of YouTube, what to expect and how to deal with it.
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  • Neil Jones says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, with all the changes coming on youtube.

  • Jack says:

    Hello David. I’m a big fan of your videos.
    I have a question.
    I created a website years ago when I was really young and tried to monetize the site with AdSense. I was accepted to AdSense but was banned for invalid clicks.
    I’m currently working on a YouTube channel with the aim of funnelling my YouTube subscribers to my site.
    Here’s the question:
    Because I am banned from AdSense does that mean that I am automatically banned from using the additional features in YouTube like custom thumbnails and external annotations?
    Do I absolutely have to be accepted for monetization and enable it to gain additional features like custom thumbnails and external annotations or do I just have to verify my account by giving YouTube my phone details in order to unlock those features ?
    I have no issue with not being able to monetize my videos but it’s pretty vital that I get custom thumbnails and external annotations for my videos.

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Jack,
      Very interesting question you have…
      Ok, since you’re banned from AdSense, doesn’t mean you can’t set up Monetization on your Channel. As long as you’re not using the same Google/Gmail account for your Channel as your AdSense, then you’ll be fine.
      So Verify your Channel and Enable Monetization and you’ll be fine.
      You can always connect an AdSense account of a friend of family member to get the revenue from your videos if really want to.
      Hope that helps,

  • Adam says:

    What about software like “Traffic Geyser” will that be seen as natural by YouTube?
    I’ve been looking at it, but after seeing this I’m wondering?
    Love your thoughts and answer on this one.

    • David Walsh says:

      Hi Adam,
      The problem with Traffic Geyser is that it’s got a fixed IP when uploading videos.
      So if they have 1000 users all uploading videos to YouTube, that’s 1000+ channels that are receiving videos from the same IP.
      This can be seen as Spammy by YouTube, unless TG have sorted out a deal with theme – which I’m not so sure they have.
      So you need to test it to see that your videos are ranking properly if you use it.
      Personally, I wouldn’t use TG for uploading to YouTube, or Vimeo or Daily Motion. I’d use it to distribute to the other lower down video sharing sites that make up less than 5% of the total video views online.
      Use it to backlink back to your videos on YouTube, or your site/product and have them as backlinks to your key site or video.
      Manually upload to YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion from your own IP address and you’ll be safe.

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