How To Get 80,000 Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel

How to get Subscribers on YouTube is one of the most asked questions on YouTube… probably ever! Since we’ve recently reached the 80,000 Subscriber mark on YouTube I wanted to pull back the curtain and reveal the 5 things you need to do to get 80,000 Subscribers on YouTube.
Getting YouTube Subscribers on your YouTube Channel successfully comes down to doing a number of key things on an ongoing basis. You have to be persistent with them and see them through.
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1. Identify Your Audience

The first thing you need to do, even before you create your YouTube Channel is to identify your audience.
Identify Who they are, What platforms the come together on and How they like to be communicated to.
If you’re after a younger audience, you’ll find them on Instagram and Twitter. Older audiences are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Business audiences are on LinkedIn.
So find out where they congregate and become part of that community on that platform. Be active and be seen to be proactive there. Then people will want to check out more from you, and they’ll eventually become your Subscribers.
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2. Create Content Your Audience Likes

The second step is to create content your audience like and wants to watch. This seems obvious, but there are sooo many YouTubers out there who want to create content that really only THEY will watch.
Their content isn’t watchable by a lot of people, and so they don’t get views or any Subscribers.
By looking at what your audience already watches on YouTube, since you know where they are and what they like to do, and you can see the format that they like. Recreate a similar format in your own style, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a YouTube Channel that gets lots of Views and YouTube Subscribers…

3. Take Care Of Your YouTube Subscribers

The next tip is to make sure and take care of your subscribers. When your viewers and Subscribers comment on your videos, make sure to reply. Do this religiously when you start as this is one of the major things YouTube looks for on Channels.
When you reply to comments, your viewers love this, and they then become Subscribers.
These are genuine Subs to your Channel and they’ll stay with you for a long time. This is one of the most important ways to get YouTube Subscribers.

4. Engage With Your Subscribers

Following on from the previous tip, the next thing to do is to engage with your subscribers.
Ask them questions in your videos about what they want to see next and what they would like from you.
This creates a 2 way dialogue with your Subs and you and they love you even more for it.
When they see a reply from you on the comments section, they love it.
There are so many YouTubers who DON’T reply to their subscribers and so when you do, your subs become super subscribers.

5. Be Consistent

The 5th tip I recommend you do is to be consistent.
This means uploading your videos as the same time each week. If that’s once a week, then you do it the same day each week.
If you can only do once every 2 weeks, again, the same day in those 2 weeks.
If you can do once a month, then be consistent with that.
As well as your upload times, make sure to be consistent with your content too.
Keep it pretty much the same so people know what to expect.
So those are my 5 tips to get 80,000 YouTube Subscribers.
In the next post, I show you the How NOT To Get 80,000 Subscribers on YouTube where I walk you through the top 5 mistakes people make to getting YouTube Subscribers on their YouTube Channel.

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