How Not To Get 80,000 Subscribers On YouTube


Following on from last week’s post on How To Get 80,000 Subscribers on YouTube, I wanted to give you some tips on what NOT to do, as there are many people out there who are damaging their YouTube Channels by doing any number of these 5 things…
So I want to give you those things you should stay well clear of, so you get more YouTube Subscribers and you grow your audience.
When you begin to grow your YouTube Channel, you get to see many things going on that people think are helping them grow their YouTube Channels, when in fact, they’re damaging them.
So here’s a list of the top 5 things NOT to do, in order to grow your YouTube Channel to 80,000 Subscribers, and more.
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1. Don’t Sub For Sub

The first tip is to not do Sub for Sub. The problem with this is a number of things. First of all you are going to piss off a lot of people, especially those whose channels you’re going on and saying ‘Sub to me and I’ll sub to you back’. The problem with that is that you are spamming those particular channels and those videos.
Second reason is that people who do sub you and sub back aren’t actually people who are there for you and your videos. The won’t engage and they won’t be of value to your Channel.
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2. Don’t be Boring – Bring Energy To Your Videos

The second thing is do not be boring. Have some energy, don’t talk very slowly and put your viewers to sleep. Have energy in your videos because that’s what people like. You are going to have people who are, maybe, having a bad day or that things aren’t going well for them and they would like your energy on the video that actually helps them with that.

3. Don’t Use Clickbait

Third thing to do is to not use Clickbait. Clickbait are those thumbnails with the enticing girls or those enticing things that people click through to your video for and
then your video is something completely different. This is actually against YouTube’s Terms of Service and you’ll actually get a strike against your channel for doing such activities.

4. Don’t Use Other People’s Content

Tip number D is to don’t use other people’s content! This is one of the biggest things that is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. This is called Piracy! So, taking other people’s content without their permission is against YouTube’s Terms
of Service as I mentioned. This is why content ID was set up. So, if you are using other people’s content you will get a strike against you. Yes, there are ways around this and this is why YouTube are now monetizing your videos when you have other people’s content on it, but there are certain situations where taking someone else’s content will result in a strike against you.

5. Don’t Try And Collaborate With A Channel That’s A Lot Bigger Than Yours

The last tip, tip number 5, is, if you’re going to try and collaborate with other channels is to don’t stalk people who have much bigger channels than yours because that, just, isn’t going to work out, unless you’re good friends with them, and then that’s how you’re going to get to do it.
If you’ve got a hundred or a thousand subscribers the chances of you being able to collab with somebody who has half a million or a million subscribers is somewhere between zero and none. That is, unless, as I said, you know them personally or you’ve got some sort of relationship with them that you can pull that off.
So, if you are looking to collaborate, and that is one of the best ways to grow your channel, then work with people who have a similar subscriber count to you. If you’ve got a couple of hundred or a thousand subscribers, look at people who have a couple of hundred or a thousand subscribers or maybe 2000. If they’re slightly bigger than you, that’s fine.
You can do that because then you have similar.
So those are the 5 things you should NOT do to get 80,000 Subscribers to your YouTube Channel.
If you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments area so I can help you 🙂

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