YouTube Updates Channel Again And Hides Your Links


Ok, YouTube are at it again.  They’re changing your Channel interface and moving and hiding links that you need to set up your External Links in Annotations..!
After creating the last video – Get More Subscribers And Click Thrus From YouTube Videos – I got a load of emails saying that they can’t find the links necessary to set up the Associated Website on their channel.
At first I was puzzled, as YouTube had only just changed the interface a few weeks ago, and I didn’t think they’d be changing it again so quickly…
But I was wrong… They went ahead and decided to hide your links needed for External Linking.
So I had to go and find out where they went, and what could be done as so many people were going through the other videos, and couldn’t find the links for Monetization and Associated Website.
After searching through some of my Channels, I did find that it had happened and where to find those illusive links needed to set up your Associated Websites so you can link to them from your videos.
Here’s the video showing you what you need to do to find those links to link from your video.

So after searching high and low, I managed to stumble upon where my links were.
I clicked every link I could, thinking the tabs would be there, but it wasn’t til I was looking for something else that the links popped up for me.
Instead of clicking on Settings on your Channel, you now new to click on Video Manager instead.
When you click that link, you’ll see the list of other links appear on the left hand side of the Channel.
Alternatively, instead of looking on your Channel for the links, here they are directly.  Make sure you’re logged into your YouTube Channel, and click on the links here.  They will bring you directly to those pages:

If you’re looking for something else, the link should be available on the left of the Channel for you to find when you click on any of the above links.
So if you’re one of those people looking for the links and can’t find them, you now have them!
If you have any question about setting up your videos or anything about YouTube, feel free to ask in the Comments below.
It would be appreciated also for some feedback and share the love too 😉



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