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How To Set Up YouTube One Channel – YouTube Channel Template

YouTube One Channel is here to stay, and with it a new YouTube Channel template.

There has been much reaction to this change, but it isn't going anywhere… Not for a while anyway!

So in this video I show you how you can set up the One Channel background on your YouTube Channel and I also give you a free Channel Template that you can customise in Photoshop to give you the perfect layout for your YouTube One Channel.


With the YouTube One Channel template, there are guides to make sure that you are within the correct areas for the different devices.

I've also included an Avatar Safe Area and Links Safe Area to make sure you're not covering up important information on your Channel Art that you want your viewers to see.

Just download the YouTube Channel Template below and open up the Zip file.

Inside you'll find both a Photoshop PSD file and also a PNG file if you don't have Photoshop.

For Photoshop users, just follow the instructions in the video. Save the image for Web and then upload as per the video.

If you don't have Photoshop, you can open up the PNG file in your image editor and follow the colour coded guides on the graphic. Add your image over the different areas, and you'll then have your YouTube Channel background complete.

Upload as per the video and you'll be good to go.

zip-icon Click Here To Download Your Free One Channel Template


Once you have uploaded the YouTube background that you created, let me know about it in the comments below. I'll give you a shout out in an upcoming video and get you some deserving traffic to your Channel 🙂

As always, you can also leave a comment in the Comments Area below and if you have any questions, please add them there too.

I look forward to you creating some great artwork and channels with your YouTube One Channel and the YouTube Channel Template.

About David Walsh

David Walsh is a YouTube Specialist and a Membership Expert. David has been working online since 1996 - when the internet dinosaurs roamed the earth. David's passion is to help entrepreneurs and business owner generate valuable customers through the power of video and direct marketing into high value products and programs.


  1. Thanks!!

    You have given us another great lesson… I have enjoyed many of your other training videos too.

    • Hi Larry,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and they’re making a difference.

      If you have any questions about anything, just ask in the comments 🙂

      Thanks again,


  2. Thank You so much!

  3. I’m so glad I found you! What an excellent series of Videos!
    I have one question, how do you make the background colour change David?
    I’m sure I saw a colour option before I started customising my new Youtube site
    ( Positivetv ) but now I have the channel art in place, I’m stuck with a white background.- something for your next video?
    p.s I’m hoping to move / merge from our old site positivetvguy as we hate the name, but it’s still a work in progress

    • Hey Jeremy,

      Thanks for your question.

      Ok, you can’t change the background on your YouTube channel any more. That went out the window in June.

      You’ll see in older videos that you can change background colours and images and all that but you can’t any more.

      We all have a white background now.

      All you can change are the Channel Artwork/Banner and your Channel Icon, and that’s about it.


  4. Thank you for this awesome series. I’m trying to find your tutorial on how to have a row of thumbnails, and then have them show up in a main viewer above them like you did here:

    Could you please direct me? Thanks!

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