How To Change A YouTube Channel Name On The One Channel Layout


You’ve set up your new YouTube Channel, but you’re wondering how to change a YouTube Channel name…
Well this is the question asked by swimwear model and actress Chanel Ryan in this segment of Ask David.
Like many on YouTube, she set up her channel, but wasn’t able to add the name she wanted, and couldn’t find out where to change it.
So she turned to me to find out how to do so, and here’s the video answering not only that question, but others she has to do with her Channel…

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If you have set up your YouTube Channel and you haven’t got the Channel name you want, then you’ll need to follow these steps to get the name you want and move away from your Google+ profile that YouTube has set you up with.
To change a Channel Name on your YouTube Channel, you need to go to “Settings” on the top and then “YouTube Settings”.
On the next page you’ll have a link “Change to a business or other name, and disconnect Google+ profile”. Click on that and it will bring up a box where you can check to see if the Channel Name you want is available.
Type in the name you want and click on Check availability.
If your Channel Name is available, then click on the Ok button.
If not, then you’ll need to play around with the name that you have in the box to get the one that’s available.
YouTube will give you suggestions, but they’re mostly bad. If you’re going with a name, and it’s not available, then you can add “The” in front of it, or “Official” or “Online” at the end.
You can only use numbers and letters, so you can’t get away with putting a dash in it.
With what you select as your Channel Name, I suggest you put Capital Letters at the start of each word in your name.
With my channel, it’s DavidWalshOnline. This allows the different words to stand out in the name, rather than it all being lower case letters. In the video, I used DavidWalshMarketing. Again, these words are differentiated with the capital letter.
Use this in your name to make the different parts stand out.
When you eventually get the one you want, click on the Ok button and you’ll be done.
In the second part of Chanel’s question, she asked about how the videos she uploaded didn’t end up on the order she added them.
This may have something to do with how long it took to upload them, rather than when she added them.
When a video is a bigger filesize, it will take longer to upload and to process. When all that’s done, it becomes available to view, which is what I believe has happened here.
If you have a similar situation, and have very low views on your videos, then just delete them and upload them again.
Add them in the order you want, one at a time and wait until the video is up and processed before adding another one.
You will then have them in the order that you want.
That’s how you change a YouTube Channel name.
If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask below in the comments, or even leave a comment if you want to.
If you have a question of your own you’d like to ask, you can do so at Ask David.
I hope this has answered your question of how to change a YouTube Channel Name.

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