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Engagement with viewers and prospects on your videos is vital if your videos are going to convert them into customers.
Video is one of the easiest ways to engage with an audience but increasing conversions can be a very hard process.
In order to have a highly converting video, you have to have one key ingredient…

Without this ingredient, you can have the best product in the world, but no one will care about it!
What is it..?
If you don’t have emotion in your videos, however big or small, you’re not going to connect with your audience. And without an emotional connection, people will just not buy from you.
So how do you create this emotional connection?

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The main way that emotion is created, especially in sales videos, is with good copywriting skills.  This is transferred into scriptwriting, in the case of video.
Both copywriting and scriptwriting can take a very long time to master – years usually – and typically come with a long string of failures while you’re “getting better at it”.
But there is another way to create emotional connection with your viewers that allows you to evoke emotions subliminally without the need for words…
And that’s Music.
Music has been used for thousands of years to motivate and celebrate. The vibes that music gives off creates endorphins in our bodies without use even wanting them.
You’ve probably felt it yourself. You’re listening to your favourite sone and all of a sudden you’re “feeling good”. And all you were doing was listening…
And you can transfer this to your videos – all with music.
But what you need is Royalty Free Music.
This is music where you pay to use it legally.
Using the latest release from your favourite band on your YouTube videos can not only get you banned from YouTube, but also get you a big fine from the music company.
Music usage literally costs thousands of $’s per track – per time.  Big name artists and music companies get paid a lot for their music, so you need to watch out what you use.
You can get around all this with Royalty Free Music.
Royalty Free music is music where you don’t have to keep paying every time you use it – usually.
You purchase the right to use is (as it’s not FREE) and you typically can use it as many times as you like – all without having to pay another penny.
But getting your hands on quality Royalty Free Music can be a pain…
You have to search for what you’re looking for, and then it can cost anywhere from $50+ for the licence to use it.
So if that seems a lot to do, well today you’re luck!
I’ve arranged for you to get 10 Royalty Free Music tracks today – all for the amazing price of NOTHING!
You can get 10 high quality ABSOLUTELY FREE tracks right now. Just click on the image below and get your hands on these free tracks before they go.
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