Get More Subscribers And Click Thrus From YouTube Videos


Getting more subscribers and more click throughs on your videos is vital for any marketer or entrepreneur looking to maximize their video marketing strategies.
If you can increase the number of people who become a subscriber to your YouTube Channel and/or click through to your website where you can get them on your list, or even sell them a product, this will dramatically increase your profits.
In this video I show you how one simple addition can increase your subscribers and click throughs simply and easily…

One of the most asked questions I was asked in my Quick ScreenCast Profits program was how to get a link on a YouTube video.
When the program was released, it wasn’t possible.  But since YouTube now allows you to have external links on your video annotions, being able to link directly from your video has become a lot easier.
In todays video, I show you how you can make one simple addition to your video which will help increase your subscribers to your YouTube Channel, as well as clicks to your website.

To set up your video like mine, I’ve included the template below.  Included in the zip file are PNG files at different sizes for different video sizes, the Photoshop file in different sizes so you can edit that file if you have Photoshop and also the YouTube Channel subscription URL to use on your Subscription link.
Click here to download the YouTube Graphic Template.
The steps to take, in a nutshell, are to:

  • add the graphic on a layer above your video in whatever video editor you’re using
  • Export that video and upload to YouTube
  • Add a Spotlight Annotation around the area you want to link from
  • Add the links to each Spotlight Annotation to the Subscription URL and another to your Associated Website.

And that’s basically it.
Feel free to use this to increase your click throughs on your videos and get more subscribers to your Channel as much as you want.
If you have any questions about how to use this method or have any comments in general, please feel free to ask in the Comments section below. 🙂



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