Ranking Your YouTube Channel In Google And YouTube With Channel Keywords

If you’re looking to rank your YouTube Channel in Google and YouTube then you need to add your Channel Keywords to your Channel to make sure Google and YouTube know exactly what your Channel is about.
Channel Keywords used to be called Channel Tags and the name has changed in the new One […]

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How To Change Your YouTube Channel Title For Google Rankings

Since the new One Channel layout on YouTube, being able to change your Channel Title for better SEO hasn’t been easy.
Your YouTube Channel Title is the title for your video collection on your Channel, and serves as H1 header tag, which is very important […]

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How To Get On First Page Of Google With Video Ranking

When it comes to video marketing, the question is often asked how do I get on the first page of Google with video ranking, or video rankings?
The answer to this is that your best chances of ranking video on the first page of Google or YouTube happens before the video is even made…
When […]

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