Ranking Your YouTube Channel In Google And YouTube With Channel Keywords


If you’re looking to rank your YouTube Channel in Google and YouTube then you need to add your Channel Keywords to your Channel to make sure Google and YouTube know exactly what your Channel is about.
Channel Keywords used to be called Channel Tags and the name has changed in the new One Channel layout.
YouTube have also hidden them away, making them hard to add. But in this video I show you how to add them easily and quickly.

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Adding your Channel Keywords makes things easier for Google and YouTube to rank you, as it gives them more information about what your Channel is about, and where to add you when people are on YouTube, or searching on Google.
Just stick with the relevant keywords for your Channel.
There’s no point in putting Justin Bieber in your Channel Keywords when your site is about video gaming.
If you add keywords just to try and get Channel views, then people will be leaving shortly after landing on your Channel, which will give you a high Bounce Rate.
The higher the rate is, the quicker YouTube will be to drop recommending your Channel. Google will drop you down their rankings too.
So make sure your keywords are what are on your YouTube Channel. Use as many as you can fit in the keywords area.
There you go, this is how you add Channel Keywords to your YouTube Channel for better ranking in Google and YouTube.
If you have any questions about this, or a question about YouTube, please feel free to ask in the Comments below.
Like, Share and leave a Comment, even if you don’t have a question. I’d really love to know what your thoughts are on Channel Keywords for your YouTube Channel.
Thanks for watching and reading. I look forward to you adding Channel Keywords to your YouTube Channel for better SEO ranking in Google and YouTube 🙂



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