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External Links From Your YouTube Videos in Annotations

You can now link directly to your website using Annotations in your YouTube videos…  Woohoo!! This is the day many of us have been waiting for, and now it’s finally here. So what does this mean..? Well, it means a lot! If you’re using YouTube as your main source for video marketing, then you know

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Budget For Your Product Launch

Have you thought about the importance of a Budget in your Product Launch? If not, then you need to. You never know what can happen during your launch… This video will explain more. 😉

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Product Launch Manager Training In LA

During the Product Launch Manager training in LA with Jeff Walker, I got to meet Doug Fath.  Doug is the owner of, which is a property investment training product. Doug had a product launch coming up and I worked on his launch with some other PLM’s and we knocked that thing out of the park!

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