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Product Launch Manager Training In LA

During the Product Launch Manager training in LA with Jeff Walker, I got to meet Doug Fath.  Doug is the owner of InvestingInCashFlow.com, which is a property investment training product.

Doug had a product launch coming up and I worked on his launch with some other PLM's and we knocked that thing out of the park!  We basically turned it from a $797 product to a $1297.00 product, and it totally changed the game for him and his business.  But rather than me telling you about it, here's Doug to give you his feeling on it all.


So I would like to thank Doug for such great words about what I and some other PLM's did for him at the Product Launch Manager training event in LA.

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David Walsh is a YouTube Specialist and a Membership Expert. David has been working online since 1996 - when the internet dinosaurs roamed the earth. David's passion is to help entrepreneurs and business owner generate valuable customers through the power of video and direct marketing into high value products and programs.

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  1. Amazing launch, i would say very successful. Jeff Walkers methods are really the most efficient in the field on online marketing, i hope that you have heard that is is know his third edition of product launch.

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