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YouTube External Links in Annotations to Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

I've got a number of questions about using the external links in YouTube annotations to go to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc, and how it can be done.

The answer is, it's quite simple… AND it's all completely FREE 🙂

Using your Associated Website, you can send your links to anywhere on the web – not just Social Media – for whatever reason you want.

So if you're an Affiliate Marketer, or someone who sells products on Amazon or eBay, then you can send people to any link you want them to, using this simple strategy.

Watch the video now to see the simple steps to take to send those links.


The process to send external links from YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc is by using Redirects on your site.

For the sake of this tutorial, we're going to use redirects on WordPress, as this is perhaps the most commonly used platform for sites today.

Setting up a redirect on your site is very simple.  Like most things, there's a plugin for it – and it's Free.  The video above shows you step by step how to do it.

If you're looking for the cliff notes, the steps you need to take are:

  1. Set up Pretty Link WordPress plugin on your WordPress site
  2. Add the link to Pretty Link and select the “name” you want it on your site
  3. Add this URL to your YouTube video

It's as simple as that.

Once you add the link to the redirect plugin (Pretty Link Lite for free or Pretty Link Pro for more advanced features) this will take care of the redirects for you.

So you can add an affiliate link to any product you want, your Social Media sites, where ever… all using this simple process.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me below in the comments, or if you'd like to say how much you liked this, feel free to let me know below too 🙂

About David Walsh

David Walsh is a YouTube Specialist and a Membership Expert. David has been working online since 1996 - when the internet dinosaurs roamed the earth. David's passion is to help entrepreneurs and business owner generate valuable customers through the power of video and direct marketing into high value products and programs.


  1. Is it against the Youtube tos to add an affiliate link? I mostly see links below the videoes, but wouldnt it be better to put a call to action in the video with annotations?

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks very much for your question.

      I don’t believe it’s against YouTube’s TOS to have an affiliate link in your description below the video.

      It would be better to have a call to action within the video with a link going to a page that redirects through to your affiliate link using Annotations. This is what this video is about.

      You can use this technique to link through to anywhere you want. It doesn’t have to be Facebook or Twitter, etc. It can be anywhere.

      Hope that answers your question. If you need any more info, let me know 🙂


  2. It just sounds too good to be true!
    I don’t see too many people linking directly to clickbank products using youtube annotations, so I thought it wouldn’t be acceptable.

    Do I have to use a redirect, or can I just throw up a bunch of direct links?

    • I don’t know. It could be. But this is why a redirect will help safeguard against it.

      You can set up an external link in your annotations, but this will only go to 1 website that you set up in YouTube. You can see how here:

      Once you have that set up, then you can have as many redirects set up from your site as possible.

      You’re then linking to your site from the video, so there’s not much they can do about that.

      Hope that helps. 🙂


  3. Ok David,
    makes sense.. Thanks for the help

    • You’re welcome Richard. If you have any other questions on YouTube, feel free to ask 🙂


  4. Thanks David for these information but i have a problem, i’m not using wordpress, do you know how to do facebook and twitter annotations in that case.

    • Hey Will,

      You can’t put direct links in YouTube Annotations. This is why I’ve done this workaround.

      If you can redirect on a website with HTML, then you can do it that way.


  5. I have a Facebook, YouTube and Google plus account page for my business (1 business with a business page on each of these 3 social networks). I have connected my YouTube and Google plus account so that if I post a new video to YouTube I can also post the same video to my Google plus account automatically. Is there an easy way to post the video to my Facebook page at the same time also? Is it a good idea to post the *same* new video to all 3 of these social networks?

    Also is it a new idea to connect all 3 of these social networks together, in general? I have added the icons in my site footer to go to my pages on these networks.

    • Hi Rick,

      To answer your first question, no there isn’t a way to have your videos appear automatically on Facebook when you upload them to YouTube.

      Facebook and YouTube are in a video battle at the moment and Facebook aren’t giving much help to YouTube videos embedded on their site, as they want to have the video embedded on their own site.

      So you’ll still need to do this manually.

      Yes, it’s a great idea to connect them all as much as you can. Cross promotion helps a lot and can boost your business.

      Hope this helps,


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