Niche Marketing – But Not Where You Would Expect

Niche Marketing is something that’s been around in the Internet Marketing world for ages.  It’s something that’s been triend and tested and continues to do so day in, day out with hundreds of thousands of internet marketers.
But to my surprise, I came across a very sizeable company implementing niche marketing in their own “niche”.  And who they were targeting really blew me away!
At an Internet Marketing event the other weekend here in London, I had to take a necessary trip to the bathroom.  While there I noticed a very unusual advertisement on the wall.
Now, advertising in toilets isn’t exactly cutting edge stuff, by any stretch of the imagination. As a marketer I would expect a company or organisation to maximise every resource they have to increase their revenue.  There are offers constantly to get people into their hotels for breaks all the time.
But this one struck me, as it focused in a very “weird” niche…
The people they were looking to attract were Plane Spotters! Yes, Plane Spotters!
Now, that’s pretty niche by any stretch of the imagination.
Here’s the ad:
Plane Spotter Ad
Now my hand was a bit shakey taking the photo, so if you can’t read it, it says:

This is the ideal package for plane enthusiasts!
Enjoy a room with a view of Heathrow’s runways from on £109.00 per night. Your break in a Club Bedroom includes a guaranteed runway view, access to the Club Lounge. Full English Breakfast servided in the DUO Restaurant, overnight parking and return Hoppa ticket per person, per night.”
Now, for some people, having a room facing an airport runway is possibly a very bad room. As the saying goes, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Obviously the hotel has decided to turn this “disadvantage” into an advantage for those who would view it as such.
So where can you turn negatives of your product or servive into an advantage for a section of your market?
No matter what business you’re in, you can definitely “niche” down and market to a more targeted demographic within your list or market, and give them something that some may not like as something that’s exactly what they are looking for. 😉



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