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Many people ask “How do I become a YouTube Partner?”
Being a YouTube Partner has many benefits.  You can make money from ads on your videos, you can have Custom Thumbnails, you can have External Links through Annotations… so it’s worth becoming a YouTube Partner.
And to become a Partner, the fact is, that today, it’s quite easy.  And it’s easy or a reason…
YouTube want you as a “Partner” (and I put that in “” for a reason which I will get to later) because it allows you to monetize your videos.  And when you monetize, THEY MONETIZE!
So in this video, I show you how you can become a YouTube Partner, all within minutes…

Before you can become a YouTube Partner, your account has to be more than 30 days old and has to be in “good standing”.  That means that you’re uploading content that is belonged to you and not someone else.
It’s fairly straight forward.  As long as you’re playing ball, you’re ok, which is for the vast majority of people…
One thing I do want to clarify, which I alluded to above, is the fact that becoming a Partner today is very different than it was a few years ago.
YouTube have watered down what a Partner is…
Before, YouTube invited you to become a partner when you showed that you uploaded good content to your Channel regularly.
In fact, one Channel I had in the Martial Arts niche was invited to become a Partner after only 2 videos and a few hundred views!  So it didn’t take that much to be invited.  They could see that it was going to be different and wanted to have a Partner in that space.
But for most people, it wasn’t that easy.
Today, however, anyone can really become a partner which gives you a lot of extra functionality to their Channel, which is what I’m giving you here.
The whole process is outlined in this video where I show you step by step what to do, and how to do it.

To begin with, you’ll need to Verify your account.  This is done by Google sending you a voice message to your phone or an SMS to your mobile.  Once you’ve entered in the 6 digit code they give you, your account is Verified.
When you look at your Channel Setting screen again, you’ll now see that there are more green lights on there.  You have now more functionality on your site.
The next thing to do is to enable Monetization on your Channel. Click on the Enable button, agree to their Terms & Conditions and you’r good to go.
You’ll now have Custom Thumbnails (if your Channel is more than 30 days old) as well as External Links in Annotations and you can make money from advertising on your videos.
If you would really like to become a “Full” YouTube Partner, then you’ll need to join one of the Partner Networks. Here is a list of YouTube Partner Networks that you can apply to if you want to have the full customised Channel.
There may not be any benefit to this in the near future with YouTube’s One Channel layout coming into effect. All channels will probably be forced to more over eventually, so applying for Full Partnership may only last a short while.
But it’s up to you…
I will be revealing how to take advantage of the new One Channel layout in an upcoming article, so watch out for that.
I hope you found this of value. Please feel free to leave a comment below, and share this on Facebook and Twitter. I will appreciate it a lot 🙂

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