List Of YouTube Partners Networks

List of YouTube Partners

List of YouTube Partners
Here is a list of YouTube Partner Networks that accept applications.  There are other Partner Networks who don’t accept applications, so there’s no need to list them here.
It may not be the most exhaustive list, but it does give you enough Networks to choose from, if you want to go down that road.

  • YouTube Partner Program. This is the partnership that I discuss in How To Become A YouTube Partner. It is different than what people are looking for if they look to join a Partner Network.
  • Creator X. Certainly one of the best options for “emerging channels”. If you have quality content and are just starting to monetize but growing at a decent pace, both in subs and views, you need to check out Creator X, a subnetwork of Fullscreen, aimed entry-level users.
  • TGN. Maybe one of the most popular YouTube gaming networks, TGN accepts both major channels and small channels, as long as your account is in good standing.
  • Exonia. This network is good for creators of any niche or category that want to start monetizing their channels without risking their adsense accounts. They are not backed by a major partner but still are trustworthy and have been a YT partner for a long time. Exonia has plenty of reviews all around the web and none talks bad things about them.
  • VidCastLLC
  • PixelEnemy
  • Maker Studios
  • Accuza
  • IGN
  • StocksNetworksLTD
  • Necessary Gaming
  • GameDunzo
  • Vidthru
  • VidFairLLC
  • Yeousch
  • Phazer Network
  • Socialblade
  • Polipop
  • VisionTVNetwork
  • Curse
  • VidFairLLC
  • The Game Station
  • TNG (The Next Gamer Network)
  • Machinima
  • Revision 3
  • BentPixels
  • BroadbandTV
  • Style Haul
  • RPM Network
  • Vexon
  • TCN (The Cobra Network)
  • Zoomin.TV
  • UMTV Network

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