Does Your Marketing Have Impact?

Now, for a lot of people, this question would leave them wondering about their own marketing and if it does have impact. For others they would simply answer “OF COURSE” without any regard whether it does or not. And for those remaining, they would wondering what I’m talking about… 😉
Now, it’s a simple question, but it does have some serious implications.
If it does have Impact, what sort of impact does it have?  Is it good, is it bad, does it motivate and inspire, or turn people off?  Does it influence people to do what you want them to do, or do they just click away?  In other words, do you get to the point very quickly?  Do you get your message across in a way that people fully understand and are touched in a way that they want to hear your message and are more than likely going to do what you want them to do, ie buy your product?
Well, if it doesn’t, then you need to do something about it!
Now, the reason I’m saying this is because I came across an individual that has this down.  He has worked with the publishing Elite and taught them how to get their message across in such a way that Oprah wants them on her show.  Now, that’s Impact.

David Walsh and Joel Roberts

Moi with Joel Roberts

This gentleman is Joel Roberts.  He and his wife Heidi were in London recently for a business event and he totally blew the audience away with the simplicity of his work and how he was able to change any message into one that hit straight to the heart in a very very short period of time, usually 30 seconds or less.
Anyhow, I digress….
The main thing that Joel got across is the way in which you use 2 elements to get your message across in an immensely impacting way.  Those 2 elements are Problem and the Solution.
Now, I can hear you say “That’s nothing new… What are you on about…?”
Yes, that is nothing new.  We have been dealing with them for years well in fact centuries.  This is what Sales and Marketing is about. It’s Joel’s use of those 2 things and how he uses them that creates the impact.
Now, for many of us, when we’re out in the offline world, with family or friends, etc, we often get asked what we do.  When we reply “I’m an online marketer” or in my case “I’m a Product Launch Consultant / Manager” or something like that, it can generate blank expressions on some people’s faces.  With my parents I have to be so general and so vague that all I say is “Computers!”
But what I learned from Joel totally turned that around and I was able to articulate what I do so that anyone could understand my profession very very quickly.
What Joel showed was that we typically put the solution before the problem.  Because we put the solution first, people don’t know what the problem is, so they can’t relate to the problem, and why you are an important solution to it.
So a simple technique of offering the problem in a way that people understood first, and THEN the solution make a heck of a lot of difference.  This would then be my soundbite as to what I do.
During Joel’s training on stage, I was doggedly working on my soundbite.  He had people doing an exercise but I was working on my soundbite as I found this technique amazing.  I needed to formulate mine now!
So, shortly after I had come up with my soundbite about me and what I do.  It was quite good and I knew I could polish it even more if I wanted to.
Then next day, I was talking to some people and was introduced to Tatiana.  As with any normal introduction, Tatiana asked “So, what do you do?”  This was my opportunity to try out my soundbite….
So I replied:
“You know when Apple brings out a new iPhone, or there’s a new Harry Potter book being released?  You know how the world seems to stop and how people are queuing up to buy the product, days before it’s even launched?”
At which point Tatiana is nodding her head….
“Well, every day, there are hundreds if not thousands of products released all over the world, but why don’t we hear about them?  The difference between all these hundreds and thousands of products that get released and the iPhone is that the release of the iPhone is an event. This is why there is so much publicity around it, and why they do so many sales.
That’s what I do, I create events for products in their marketplace and have people begging you to sell them your product before it’s even available.”
When I finished my soundbite, I could see both excitement and understanding in Tatiana’s face.  She got what I did, and I didn’t have to explain the how’s or what’s or anything else.  My soundbite had done its job – it had Impact.
So, does your marketing have Impact?  Mine has even more now.  Give the problem first.  Make people live the problem and then provide the solution.  People will respond by living the problem and finding the solution in you.
In your marketing, use this technique in your copy and your videos.  Give them the problem, make them live it.  Make them live it a lot.  Then, provide them the solution in your product or service.  Create Impact with your marketing and see those sales roll in.
What sort of Impact do you want to create in your Marketing?  Leave a comment below and let me know.



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