YouTube Updates From VidCon 2015

YouTube announced some updates at VidCon recently.
There weren’t as many as there were last year, as they made an update announcement in June which laid out 10 updates coming over the next couple of months.
In this post, I’m going to go over the “new” updated updates from YouTube from VidCon 2015.

1. Mobile Is HUGE

The first update is that mobile is huge.
There has been a 100% increase in mobile usage year on year on YouTube.
Currently 56% of all views are from mobile, so it’s understandable that YouTube will be focusing on mobile more and more over the coming years.
This is also something you need to keep an eye on so that your videos are optimised for mobile so people watching them on those devices can view them easily.

2. Updates To The YouTube App

YouTube have updated the interface of the app so it’s easier to get access to your favourite Subscriptions.
From a business point of view, this means that you can let people know how to get access to your content easier through the app.
The BIGGEST thing they updated, which they didn’t talk about at VidCon is the fact that you can now make basic video edits on video from your phone and upload it directly to your YouTube Channel. You can add your Title, Description and Tags too.
This is a major step forward on the app and we’ll see more advancement on that over the coming months and year.
These updates on only available on Android at the moment, and will be available on iOS shortly.

3. Live Streaming Will Be Easier To Do

We were told that we’ll be able to go from 12 clicks to 3 to be able to Live Stream video onto our YouTube Channel very soon.
With Periscope becoming very popular and Twitch setting records for views by Gamers, YouTube want to make everything a lot easier so they can keep or capture their market share.
There is more software coming on the market, which will bring the price down, and with that we’ll have more hardware too, again bringing the cost down and the barrier to entry.
This is a good thing for the consumer all round.
I have seen a sneak preview of this and will let you know more about it when it happens.

4. 3D – 360 Degree Video

We already have 360 degree video on YouTube right now.
There are cameras from a number of companies that make it easy to capture 360 degree footage.
Next on YouTube’s list is the ability to have 3D – 360 degree footage.
This means that not only will you able to see everything in the space in 360 degrees, but you’ll also be able to move in that space too, in a 3 dimensional manner.
This will make it so that footage will become like a video game where you can see everything around you and also move through the space as if you were actually there.
How they’re going to do it, I have no idea, but that’s why they hire all those PhD’s and engineers! 🙂
Within the year, all YouTube Spaces will have the ability to film this footage, so that will be interesting to see when that happens.

5. 360 Degree Video Ads

Following on from 3D 360 Degree videos, YouTube will also be running 360 Degree Video Ads.
They will be running their first campaign soon, which I’m very interested to see.
I’m not sure this will be something marketers will be hopping on board with…
It could work for video games and maybe experiential venues, but for those of us selling normal products, your standard video will probably work fine.
6. 2 Addition YouTube Spaces
YouTube are rolling out more YouTube Spaces across the world.
They currently have 6 at

  • Los Angeles
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • New York
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Berlin

The 2 new ones will be in

  • Toronto
  • Mumbai

For YouTubers in those cities/countries, it now makes it a lot easier for them to access the quality equipment that’s provided by YouTube there.
So those are the updates from YouTube at VidCon 2015. I’m interested to know your thoughts on these updates, and what you would like updated.
Feel free to let me know in the comments area below 🙂


  • Ryad says:

    thanks my friend

  • I’m blind, and the changes made have recently canceled out all comments on YouTube even though my YT and Google+ accounts are connected. Also, I can’t follow your videos, because I use the keyboard to access everything on the computer, and therefore, we, the blind, must be able to have everything alt-tagged for keyboard accessability.
    I can’t submit or read comments, display the player features while listening to any video accept an advertisement, and I’ve attempted to change my settings viaGoogle+, and so many options are labeled but not keyboard accessible. What you can do with the mouse must be done by us with the keyboard, which means that the cursor must be on the exact spot we need to “click” using the spacebar or “Enter” key. I’ve been sending feedbacks since October, 2013, and nobody is nor has attempted to contact me with assistance.
    There’s a huge blind audience out there, and we’re fuming furious, because people think that access to an education online or even a job is out of reach to us, and we simply need to accept this. I really wish you or someone would call me at (770) 908-9316 or if I need to be at my computer when you call me, please call (404) 932-0091 which is my cell. I also can’t receive text messages, but I use JAWS by Freedom Scientific which is speech output. This way, I can navigate the web or YouTube, provided it’s keyboard accessible.
    There are over 11 Million of us out here, and we’re not taking “no” for an answer. We need to have access to the same features as our sighted colleagues and co-workers. Our students are having to drop out of college, because people at Adobe,com seem to think that the internet is not under the same accessability requirements as everything else, and this is why we passed the addition to the DMCA communications Act in 2012. It’s now 2015, and we are still “in the dark” and out of work and a complete education, and cell phones are still inaccessible.
    YouTube is a big, big part of education, and without it and FlashPlayer, we won’t be able to even have a future here in America or in the world for that matter. I really need your help. Thank youfor taking the time to read and followup with me in advance.
    I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that someone is out there to help us set the record straight.
    Thank you.

    • David Walsh says:

      Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your extensive comment on your issue, and the issue that millions of people worldwide now face.
      I will look into this further for you and see what YouTube has or will have for you soon.
      If you don’t hear from me soon, feel free to bug me about it 🙂

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