Protect Yourself From The Lastest Google+ Update


Google+ have recently changed their Terms of Service.  Normally these things are pretty harmless, but in this case, it’s not so much…
Google have an eye on your comments on Google+ and eventually YouTube, and also any reviews you make about products and post on YouTube.
So what are they looking to do with them..?

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Google now want to Sell your comments and reviews so that the whoever owns the product that you’re commenting or reviewing can use that in their advertising…
This has big personal privacy implications.
You innocently add a “Box Opening” video on YouTube showing your excitement about a product you’ve just bought and how great it is, and then all of a sudden, you see yourself on an advertisement – all without you knowing anything about it, or your permission been requested.
And Google have “Sold” this to the company to use it on their Advertising.
I have nothing again marketing or selling or advertising at all.  That’s what I do for living… but it’s a different story when someone wants to take your content and sell it to a company for their use without you being asked if it’s ok to do so.
So in this quick video I show you how you can disallow this option on your Google+ account so that Google don’t take any of your content or comments and sell them.
It takes about 4 clicks and you are protected against this new Google+ update. It’s that simple to do.
If you have any questions about this or anything else on YouTube, feel free to ask in the comments below and I’ll do what I can to help.
So make sure to watch the video above to protect yourself from the latest Google+ update. 🙂



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