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Jason Drewelow from Primus Dental Solutions wanted a secure site for his clients to use for Project Management, as well as marketing.
Primus build Dental Surgeries, and their average cost is $1m+ and so had some very special requirements.
Jason wanted to use as a lead capture on the front of the site, by giving away a free report. This is the front page of the site.
When someone goes past that front page (either by opting in or clicking the link at the bottom of the page) they get to see what Primus has to offer.  The site has the standard marketing information about what Jason and Primus does as a company.
When someone becomes a client, Jason then sets up an account for them in WishList Member where he can then give them access to content specifically for them so he can manage the $1m+ project from within the site, keeping content within the site too.
The site showcases the projects Primus have done and includes a gallery of previous client’s work, so other dental surgeries can see what they have done, and what’s possible for them.

Primus Dental Solutions Site

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Primus Dental Solutions Gallery

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The site is constructed in a way that allows Jason, or a staff member, to be able to add additional clients to their gallery easily and efficiently.
The site is also integrated with Easy Video Player which allows Primus to add video testimonials to the site from happy clients. With dimensions needed for the video on his site, Jason is able to edit any video to the specific size needed and then upload that to Easy Video Player and easily add the code to the site where necessary.
Having full control of the video, how it looks, etc is important as it is more professional looking, rather than putting video on YouTube and having “Related Videos” come up on the video after it being played.
With clients paying $1m+, this provides a much better and more professional feel.

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