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MyTravelResearch – Membership Site

MyTravelResearch is a travel research and marketing site aimed at the Tourism Sector in Australia.

This site had considerable customisation on the theme, with WishList and also with the addition of a Forum and Consulting Services offered.

MyTravelResearch.com offers a monthly continuity for Tourism Professionals seeking marketing advice and research to get more visitors to their venues or areas.

Bronwyn White, one of the founders of MyTravelResearch, wanted a professional site that was also personable, which reflected her personality.

The site was set up with WishList Member integrated with PayPal and Aweber as the autoresponder.

Bronwyn wanted to have both free and paid content on the site, so they could attract visitors to the site, which would then convert into members.

The customisation on the site included having an optin video and optin form on the front of the site which was visible if they weren't a member, or not logged in (which you can see on the image above).

When they logged into their membership area, the video was swapped out for a slider with links to content within the site.

Links would also appear in the sidebar which also links to the member content on the site. This was put in place to make everything as easy as possible to navigate throughout the site so that they could get to any area they wanted to, no matter where they were.

I also customised the WishList Member login sidebar form to reflect the look and feel of the site, using a custom login button and also setting up the layout of the text fields the way that was wanted.

A Forum was also added to the site for the members so they could discuss relevant topics to their niche. Bronwyn wanted a community on the site and also a way to find out what the members were thinking about, which would all become apparent on the Forum.

MyTravelResearch Forum

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CubePoints was also implemented on the site to allow members to buy consulting time with Bronwyn and Carolyn, her partner.

They wanted a minimum of 1 Hour to begin with, and then could order anything above that. I set up CubePoints to allow this, and members can buy Consulting Time, starting at 1 hour, and going up from there.

The theme was customised extensively to accommodate the number of additional features needed for the site. This required additional Widget Fields for the WordPress Admin, restructuring of the theme itself, and also a large amount of customisation to the CSS and layout of the theme to fit in with the large number of changes made to it.

Bronwyn also wanted the Sales Letter to reflect their personality, be more applicable to their more corporate market, and not be hypey, like many internet marketing sales letters.

After getting the relevant information from her, I constructed the Sales Letter with a feel that has lots of energy, like them, and got their points across in a manner that was professional and graphically engaging.

MyTravelResearch Sales Page

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All the headline, sub head and intermediate header graphics were created by me to reflect the conversation of a non internet savvy person would have when coming to their site.

Graphics were added to the copy that reflected the conversation happening at that time on the Sales Page, which reinforced the points that were being made in the copy itself.

The layout flows naturally for the reader, all leading them to the buy button at the end of the page.

Bronwyn was overjoyed at the way the Sales Letter turned out and is excited to be sending traffic to her site to sign them up as members.

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David Walsh is a YouTube Specialist and a Membership Expert. David has been working online since 1996 - when the internet dinosaurs roamed the earth. David's passion is to help entrepreneurs and business owner generate valuable customers through the power of video and direct marketing into high value products and programs.


  1. Your membership site kinda look more distinct with other membership I’ve seen. Did you use some plugins and theme I mean optimizepress or kajabi? If you did this kind of service those it make it less time consuming when making this site? I am planning to make a membership site that consist of free course tutorials. Hope you can help me out/ Keep the good work! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Katy,

      I didn’t use OP or Kajabi. It’s a theme that I customised slightly for the client.

      I can definitely help you out.

      Send me the info via email or through the contact form and we can chat ๐Ÿ™‚


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