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A question I get asked a bit recently is How To Make A YouTube Private Channel. This is typically asked by parents who want to show videos of  their children to family members, or small business owners who want to show a video to a customer or client but no one else.
With all the changes on YouTube recently, being able to have a private YouTube Channel is no longer possible… so what can you do..?
There is a work around for you that you can do…
With Google+ now controlling everything in the world of Google, this includes YouTube.
You can no longer make a Channel Private as Google+ doesn’t allow it.
So to make things private, you have to work on the video level. You need to make your videos Private or Unlisted and give access to those people who you want to see them.
To set this up, go to Video Manager on the top.
Select the videos you want to make Private or Unlisted.
You can select all if you want…
Then from the dropdown, in the Privacy area, select Unlisted or Private.  Unlisted will mean your videos are hidden on your YouTube Channel, but people can still see them if they have the link.
Private means only those you allow access to the videos will get to see them. You need to add their email to that video in order for them to see it. To see how you do this, check out my video on how to How To Make Your YouTube Videos Private.
You can change any of the videos to Public, Unlisted or Private via the Video Manager to make things easier.
Watch the video below to see the step by step way to do everything.
If you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the Comment area below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can 🙂

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