How To Get More Viewers To Your Videos With One Simple Tweak


Getting more views to your videos is a good thing.
Getting more views for free is even better..!
We work on our videos so that they’re ranking high in Google for the keywords we want them to.  But what if you’ve done all that great work, and you’re even ranking for other terms that you hadn’t even thought of but there are other competitors in the space.
Who are people going to go with..?
Who’s going to get the eyeballs on their video, and possibly the sale..?

Well, as you and I know, it’s the one who grabs the most attention…
With people’s attention spans growing shorter and shorter it seems every day, you have to catch their eye quicker than ever before.
By using a simple tweak on your YouTube videos you can catch their eye, get the click thru and, if your video does it’s job correctly, get the optin or the sale.
In this video I show you how to use this technique to your advantage so you can grab more of that traffic that may be passing you buy on Google and YouTube.

 So as you’ve seen in the video above, using attention grabbing Customised Thumbnails on your YouTube videos will help bring more traffic to your videos.
If you have your videos optimized correctly you’ll not only be ranking for the keywords you want to rank for, but you’ll also find yourself ranking for other related keywords, some of which you may not have thought of.
If it’s a competitive space, then you’re sure to find other players there, who will also be ranking.  With a professional looking thumbnail, that not only grabs their attention, but that they can see properly will get you more clicks over your competition.
In the video above, you see how you can easily add those Customised Thumbnails to all your videos.  Once you have the correct permissions in place, it’s very straight forward.
If you don’t have the Custom Thumbnail button option on your videos, then you’ll probably need to verify your account so you can do so.
To get the permissions on your YouTube Channel, want this video – External Links From Your YouTube Videos in Annotations.
In my next post I’ll be showing you how I create my eye catching thumbnails to grab more attention and more viewers to my videos.
If you have any questions about anything, feel free to leave it in the comments.
So that’s how you can get more viewers to your videos with one simple tweak.  Please Share the video on FB and Twitter and leave me a comment below too. 🙂



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