How To Get 30,000 Subscribers On YouTube


Today I want to show you how I got 31,951 Subscribers on my YouTube Channel.
It all came from 5 basic principles which I use on all my Channels, and with clients on their Channels too.

It doesn’t matter what animal Google release from it’s extensive zoo, or whatever they decide to “slap”, these principles will last.
Putting these to work for you on your YouTube Videos and Channel will bring the rewards for doing so.
So let’s dive right in and cover them.

1. Keyword Research

The first thing I did was Keyword Research to find out exactly what my viewers were looking for.
So I went to the Google Keyword Tools, used them to find out the exact keywords and phrases they were using, and then created videos around those keywords.
This is the first thing anyone needs to do, especially when they are creating videos on YouTube for business, so, they know exactly what their customers are looking for. So, they can then create videos around them.

2. Commit To Making Regular Videos

The second thing I did was to commit to making one video per week and uploading it on the exact same day.
This is as important as knowing exactly what your audience is looking for.
When you upload the same time every week, it’s like a TV show where people can come back at the same time, every week and get more of your content. When they know you upload on the same day, every week, they’ll come back just as they would with their favourite TV show.
My audience knew I was uploading every Tuesday so, they would come back time and time again, to get more videos around the topics I was talking about.

3. Added The Correct Meta Data To My Videos

The third thing I did, was to take those keywords that I found using the Google Keyword Tools and put them in my Title, Description and in the Tags.
This allowed YouTube to know exactly what my content was about, so they could put me in the right place, in their search engine, so that when people typed in what they were looking for, I was able to pop up on that search engine, and people would then click through to my video and watch it.
Giving YouTube that correct information, put me high up in their search engine and also, in Google, as well, so that I got more and more viewers and hence more and more subscribers.

4. Commit To Replying To My Comments

The fourth thing I did, was to commit to replying to, almost, every comment I got. Now, not every single one of them was nice, but for the 99.9% of people, who had nice things to say, I would reply back and say thank you. If they took the time to watch my video and comment, then I took the time to thank them for doing that.
Because YouTube is a community and it is a place to interact, I committed to interacting with them, through the comments and thanking them for leaving one.
This small gesture meant a lot to so many people and they then subscribe because they found that I was a real person and I was actually, listening to what they have to say on my channel.

5. Give Viewers Permission To Ask Questions

The fifth thing I did was to give my viewers permission to ask me questions, which I then answered. As, I mentioned, YouTube is a community and they, also, go there to find out answers to questions that they have.
If your business solves a problem, which every business should do, then give your viewers permission to ask you questions. This is a great way to find out what their pains and frustrations are, which gives you the ability to find out what those pains and frustrations are, give them solutions to them, and also, find out more ways to get more content for your YouTube channel.
This is a fantastic way to find out what the pains and frustrations are, so you can help them solve them.
When you answer their questions, they then become subscribers and then potentially, even loyal customers. By knowing what your viewers and your subscribers are looking for, the questions that they have, it also, gives you great content for future videos on your YouTube channel.
So, those are the five ways that I used to get this channel over 30,000 subscribers in just over one year; and they’re steps I still use to this day, and will continue to use because they will, always, work.
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As always, if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me in the comments area below 🙂

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