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  1. Looks like there have been more changes since this article was created. At the bottom of the page I did not find Google+, instead I found +YouTube so I clicked on it and guess what…it’s Google+. Seems to me they want to make it extremely difficult to close or otherwise delete an account that is saturated by Google controls.

    When I did a help search for deleting YouTube account I was taken to a page connected to Google and given a warning that deleting my YouTube account will also delete my gmail, and all access to apps (which is odd because those are apps on my phone).

    All this searching for what should have been something simple has been very educational because I found that I’ve also been constantly tracked by an app that uses GPS and I don’t even have the silly app enabled (I found the history stored in my gmail account when looking around at account settings). Can someone say security breach and invasion of privacy. Sorry I’m getting off track now. Anyway, I have spent almost two full days trying to figure out how to delete an old account (I created a new YouTube account using a non-Google email address). It shouldn’t be this difficult.

    I use to like Google for their search engine but since they’ve ticked me off I’m considering alternatives. They have now given me the impression of a very invasive controlling company by monopolizing every aspect of technical software they can and by doing this they are controlling me to some extent via technology I have used. Sorry I’m starting to go off on another tangent.

    I’m now considering deleting my gmail along with the old YouTube account simply because I’m not crazy about the company controls I’ve discovered.

    You’re article was good and easy to follow. Unfortunately, Google continues to tweak and make things more complicated then it needs to be.

    Best to you

    • Hi Bernadette,

      Yes, YouTube do have a tendency to change things shortly after setting it up… It can change 3 or 4 times in one year alone…

      Hope you get sorted though…


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