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If you’d like to link from YouTube to any site you want – Social Media, blogs, sales page, whatever… – you can do so from your Channel.  And you do so in just a matter of seconds.
You don’t even have to own the site in order to link to it.  There’s no verification needed, like with the Associated Website, and you’re not restricted to just one link.  You can have as many as you like.
In this short video I show you how to add these links quickly and easily so you can have as many links to your websites as you want.

Watch how I show you how to add links to anywhere in seconds all with just a few clicks.

Make sure to leave a comment below, I read them all and your comments and questions really help.
Feel free to share the video too.
And if you want, put in your Channel URL in the comments box to show us the links you’ve added. 🙂

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David Walsh is the creator of the Greatness Code which is a success identification method that helps you understand what your true genius is, and how to use that to connect with your ideal target audience who are looking for your unique skills.

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