Death of Forced Continuity

There seems to be something in the air, or maybe the water, or even the alignment of the planets, but the world of marketing, and especially Internet Marketing, seems to be getting a severe shake up at the moment.
On Dec 1 2009, the FTC imposed new guidelines for the use of testimonials on sites and in doing so imposed their own sort of “Google Slap” on the IM world.
Now, Visa and Mastercard are doing their own version of a “Google Slap” with merchants too…
Ryan Lee just released a new video on what happened to someone he knows, and how his Merchant Provider has told him that anyone using Forced Continuity, Free & Shipping Offers or Free Trial Offers with Forced Continuity can be shut down.
Now to me, when authorities get involved in something, they usually go all or nothing, and this tends to have an effect on ethical entrepreneurs and business owners who are providing great value and service to their customers.
Anyway, check what Ryan has to say, and let me know what you think about the situation.
Watch the video and read the statement from the Merchant Provider now at:



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