Creative Commons – Allow People To Use Your Videos For Free

creative-commons-allow-people-to-use your videos

Creative Commons allows you to get your content distributed across YouTube and the internet by allowing other video creators to use your videos for free.
You don’t need to give them permission individually.  By registering your content as Creative Commons, you give them permission to use your content without the need to ask you.

In this short video I’m going to show you how you can give people access to your videos, to use on their YouTube videos for free.
If this is something you’re interested in, I’m going to go over to a channel now and show you exactly how to do it.
Go to ‘Video Manager’. To add creative commons to my videos, I just go to ‘Edit’, and under ‘Advanced Settings’ on my ‘Video Information’ I click on that. And down here, you have ‘Licence and Rights
1:29 Your standard YouTube licence is the one that goes by default on your videos, so you click on that and select ‘Creative Commons Attribution’. Now, this will then put your video into Creative Commons and then people can download it and then, edit it, add it to the content and you’ll get distribution across the web. All you need to do then is click on ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done. Your video is added to Creative Commons.
If you want to know more about Creative Commons, you can go to and they will give you lots of information about that.
One thing to note if you’re taking Creative Commons videos and adding them to your own content, that your video will then go into Creative Commons, also, by default. So, be careful that you don’t want to create something that you don’t want in Creative Commons, because by using Creative Commons content, your video then becomes Creative Commons content itself.
There you go, that’s how you set up creative commons on your YouTube videos. And there are many advantages to this, especially if you want to get your content distributed across more videos.
If you have any questions about this or anything to do with YouTube, leave them in the comments area below.

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