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Bootcamps On Demand is a monthly Continuity site that offers fitness training and fitness information every week to its members.
Scott Colby gives a new Fitness Bootcamp every month as part of the membership as well as loads of content and info to stay healthy. is a Nano Continuity site model and only charges $5.00 per month for a ton of fitness info and workouts to its members.
This site required some customisation and additional PHP coding so that the site would only deliver content to people who had paid for it.

Scott Colby

Scott Colby

Scott wanted the site set up so that you would only get content from the month you joined, and not any of the previous months. I wrote a PHP script that integrated with WishList and 1ShoppingCart so that when a new month would start, people would get put into a different membership which only allowed them access to that month, and the content after that.
The script also had to be tweaked to allow Scott to offer a “Double Dip” with the monthly Bootcamps.
Scott wanted the membership to change on the 4th of each month, rather than the 1st, so that people had the opportunity to get the previous month’s Bootcamp Workout if they joined on or before the 4th of the month.
This was an extra incentive for people to join so they got 2 workouts instead of 1 when they joined – the “Double Dip”.
I also created the graphics for the sales letter.

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The script updates the sales page every month with a new link for the order form for that month, leaving Scott to add the new Bootcamp and bonuses each month and not have to worry about links, memberships or anything like that.
The site used 1ShoppingCart, WishList Member and GetResponse as the autoresponder service.

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