YouTube Subscribers – How To Make A YouTube Subscribe Link

If you wanted to add more YouTube Subscribers, then the best way is to give them your YouTube Subscribe Link. But not many people know how to do that.
In today’s post, I show you how to make a YouTube Subscribe Link so you can get more YouTube Subscribers to your YouTube Channel, and get more views on your YouTube Videos.
To make a YouTube Subscribe Link that links to your YouTube Channel is very simple. You just need a URL and then add your Channel Username to the end of it.
That URL you need is:
To make it a link that adds subscribers to your YouTube Channel, just put the part of your Channel URL that comes after /users/ and that’s it.
So my Channel URL is
Then my Subscribe link is
If your Channel was /users/TopBanana then your Subscribe Link would be
It’s that simple.
Put your Username at the end of the URL here –
That’s all you need to do.
Now you have your YouTube Subscribe URL/Link make sure to add it to your website, your emails, Facebook and especially to the descriptions in your YouTube Channel 🙂


  • Elbert WILHITE says:

    David I am new at this stuff, I am still not sure how to do this.

  • Kirk says:

    Whats your thoughts on buying subscribers up front and then use the credibility you get from all those subscribers to make your organic subscriber work more effective?
    I have seen a bunch of channels using services such as the XGCmedia to boost their view counts and like/subscriber count in such a fashion…
    Have u ever split tested this?

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Kirk,
      I do not recommend buying Subscribers, for many reasons.
      Firstly, they’re crap and non responsive. Shortly afterwards they’ll be unsubscribed and it will damage your reputation with YouTube.
      Secondly, YouTube will recognise they’re crap Subscribers and you may get penalised for it.
      Channels have had views removed – and I mean millions of views – because YouTube found out they were buying them. And these weren’t with small time channels. These were with BIG names…
      I have tested this on a dummy site, and I have to say the results we rubbish.
      The whole point of Subscribers is that they watch your videos as soon as you put one up. These won’t.
      People are also identifying sites that buy subscribers and views easily.
      Unless your content is going viral – which is highly unlikely – you won’t be getting thousands and thousands of Subscribers quickly.
      So I don’t recommend using any of these services.
      The only one that is of benefit to use to buy views, which will eventually get you Subscribers, is AdWords for Video.
      If you’re going to pay money for views, pay it to Google/YouTube. It’s legit, totally above board and all your views will count.
      You can start with as little as $5 a day as your budget and get anywhere from 100-500 views for that, depending on how you set things up.
      That’s the only one I’d recommend you do, and because it’s Google, your totally legal! 🙂

  • John says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for the post, I am hooked on your channel and you are my go to guy in terms on improving my YouTube channel.
    One thing I saw is the Subscribe link at the top right hand corner of your videos. I´ve had a hard time finding that particular image.
    Can you please help?
    Thanks in advance,

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey John,
      Glad you’re “hooked” on the Channel.
      I have a video coming showing you how to add that image to your videos.
      Make sure to stay “hooked” and your question will be answered 🙂

  • Hi David, I enjoyed your video about the subscriber link >> BUT>>> I can’t figure out where to put the information. I tried both my regular browser and the You tube browser. So I guess there is somewhere else to put it. WHERE?

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Elmer,
      You put it on your video using an Annotation, you can put it in emails if you have an email list, and you can put it on your website, or in the Description of your YouTube videos… The list is endless.
      Put it where people can click on it to Subscribe to your Channel.

  • kageKun says:

    Mr Walsh! I need your Youtube expertise!
    When I copy and paste that URL you gave us along with my username, kageKun, the link directs everybody to another person’s channel instead with a similar name, kagekun. (Capital letters are specific.)
    I’ve been trying to reverse engineer my own subscribe link to give to my viewers but I can’t do it!
    Please help me!!! How do I find my own channel’s subscribtion link?

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey there,
      Is kagekun the Custom URL you’ve set on your Channel? If not, then this is the reason why people can’t get to your Channel.
      Go into your Channel Settings and you’ll see what your Username is.

  • Chris Shennan says:

    Hi David,
    What if you don’t have a custom username URL yet? (500 subscribers are needed before this can be displayed).
    Mine in currently a long list of numbers/letters and when i add that to the end- it takes me to an invalid address page within youtube.

    • David Walsh says:

      Hi Chris,
      I’ll be doing a new video for the new updated Custom URL on YouTube, which of course will be on this site.

      • Mauro Martins says:

        Hi David,
        I am trying to use this technique but it takes me to an invalid request page.
        I can see your comment saying that you will update a new video about this issue that Chris Shannon has mentioned.
        Is it out already? Because i cannot find it.
        Thanks this is my channel

        • David Walsh says:

          Hey Mauro,
          Looking at your Channel, you haven’t got a Custom URL set up. This makes it difficult to use this method as you need to have a Custom URL for it to work.
          I have new video on creating a Custom URL coming soon, so make sure to watch out for that.

  • Steve Roy says:

    Hi David,
    I have tried this repeatedly and I keep getting an error saying “Invalid Request”. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    • David Walsh says:

      I don’t because I don’t know what you’re doing…
      What are the exact steps you’re taking?

  • Shawn Stead says:

    Mr. Walsh,
    Do you have to have a custom URL for this to work? Our Username is random letters and numbers. When I attach our username to the end of the link you provided (minus your username), YouTube says “Invalid request”.

    • David Walsh says:

      Yes you do Shawn. Your Custom URL is the Username that you need to put on the end of the link provided for it to work.

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  • Hi sir my name is ashraf. I made a new channel A2S on Facebook. I m confused on getting content. What type of content should I upload as a teenager. I want to become a good movie maker.
    I Also need subscribers but I m still alone to do so.
    Plz sir I need your reply.
    Thank you. For listening my problem. I request you sir Thank You.

    • David Walsh says:

      Hey Shaikh,
      Do you have your Channel on YouTube or Facebook? If it’s on Facebook, I can’t help you. YouTube advice here, not Facebook – for the time being anyway… 🙂

  • MattyNakky says:

    Hey, when i post my subscribe url on twitter and click on it, it says page does not exist.
    This is also the case when i use the subscriber url youtube give you in annotations!
    Any help?
    this is mine, i dont know if its just me who cant see it, can you have a go please and see?!?

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