YouTube End Cards Now Available On All YouTube Channels

YouTube have now released the new End Cards/End Screens to all YouTube Channels with the new End Card Editor.

The end cards work on mobile devices as well as desktop, so you can now have your viewers click through to other videos, your playlists, your website and even Subscribe, when viewing from mobile and desktop.

With YouTube’s focus being on Mobile, this update is what a lot of people have been waiting for.

But with something being added to the YouTube platform, something is also taken away…

In order to be able to use End Cards, you have to remove Annotations from your video. This is on an individual video basis, so you don’t have to remove Annotations from all your videos, just the ones where you want to add the new end cards.

Your end cards must be a minimum of 5 seconds long, and can only last for a maximum 20 seconds.

I’ve been playing with them for a while now, and I’ve created this video showing you how to set it up, as well as the best practices for using them.

Watch it below.

While you may be losing Annotations from your videos, the new end cards do have an advantage to them.

They introduce the new “Best Video” feature.

This is where YouTube looks at the viewers’ previous viewing history and will provide the “best video” based on that information.  So this is dynamic and is determined on their history. So YouTube gets more views on your videos.

Another advantage of the new end cards feature is that your links can now be changed a lot more easily.

Whereas before, you would put an image on the video itself and then use an Annotation to link to it, this meant that the image was permanent on the video, and it couldn’t be changed.

But now, you can add whatever video, playlist or whatever you want, and it will show the thumbnail of that video on the end screen of your video and can be changed easily.

Check out the video to see how to use the new YouTube End Card feature on your YouTube Channel.

Let me know what you think of the new YouTube End Card/End Screen Editor and how you’re going to use it on your YouTube Channel.

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