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WishList Member Tutorials is the premiere online training for WishList Member.
It was developed by me as I had a lot of people asking me about all aspects of WishList Member, so I created the training program to fulfill the need by the market.

WishListMemberTutorials.com training goes into every area of WishList member and covers it all in depth.
I use my own practical experience in the training and show people how to get their membership sites up and running quick with WishList Member, and beyond.
WishList Member Tutorials uses DigiResults as its payment gateway.  I customised the integration of WishList and DigiResults so I could use the DigiResults platform.
I also use OptimizePress for the membership area layout and also the sales page.  I use Aweber as the autoresponder.
OptimizePress is used to its fullest, with menus, downloads and videos included in it.
Easy Video Player is the video player, which secures the video also, so the video is secure.

[lightbox full=”https://www.davidwalshonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/wishlist-member-tutorials-video.jpg” title=”WishList Member Tutorials Content”]
WishList Member Tutorials Content

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[lightbox full=”https://www.davidwalshonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/wishlist-member-tutorials-content.jpg” title=”WishList Member Tutorials Menu”]
WishList Member Tutorials Menu

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The content is drip fed through WishList so that a module is released every week.  I also have additional bonus modules on the site to give extra value to the members which also increases stick rate.

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