WebTennis Players Membership Site

WebTennis.net is a Membership Site by Brent Abel. This site uses a large amount of video, secured with WishList Member on WordPress going through 1ShoppingCart.
A lot of infrastructure changes that needed to be done in order for the site to work properly.
WebTennis.net teaches people interested in Tennis, specifically Doubles Tennis, how to play better, and also to enjoy the game.
There are a number of articles added each week for members some text, some video and others are interviews with other coaches and also tennis players.
When I initially set up the site, I found that when a sale was going through from 1ShoppingCart to WishList Member, that it wasn’t working at all.  I troubleshooted every that I knew could be an issue, and none of them was the problem.
I narrowed it down to it being the hosting company didn’t accept the calls from 1ShoppingCart to WishList Member, and so it created an error every time a sale was made.
On realising this, I had to move the whole site to a new host. So I set about backing up the whole site so I could create a clone on a new server before changing the DNS settings to the new host.
With a number of years worth of content in WordPress, including documents, audios, videos, etc, the database, along with the large number of files totaled nearly 600mb to be moved over and uploaded to the new hosting company.
After everything was done, WishList worked perfectly with the new hosting company, and the couple of years worth of content was successfully transferred over with no data lost.
The site has a few hundred members who pay monthly for access to the site, along with other one off products that Brent sells on the site, all integrated and delivered through WishList Member, with 1ShoppingCart as the payment gateway.

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