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Video Editing & Training

Video is not only a nice thing to have in your marketing, but a necessity for your Product Launch or website, and professional video editing, together with training on how to stand in front of the video camera,  is a must.

Coming across professionally to your prospects and customers is vital for your business to be a success today.

If you're not

  1. confident
  2. clear in your communication
  3. easily understood
  4. sincere
  5. natural looking

then you're going to have problems persuading people to buy your products or services.

If you have these qualities taken care of, but your video is

  1. badly edited
  2. has poor sound quality
  3. not engaging
  4. not edited to keep people's attention

then you're going to run into the same problems as if you weren't able to stand in front of the camera and couldn't communicate with your audience.

The problem people have is that doing video correctly is a huge issue for many people.

They don't know where to stand, how to talk, how to structure video to be engaging, informative makes people take action.

If you're standing in front of a video and you're using 1 camera, if you are not changing the position of the video in your editing, the chances of your video getting watched all the way through is dramatically reduced. Even where you stand on the video can influence whether people listen to you and engage with you, which means more sales and profits for you when you get it right.

Not only do I edit video so that it is engaging and keeps people's attention, I also work with you to make sure that when you are shooting your video that you are positioned correctly, that you sound professional and that you have great quality sound and video so you're professional throughout when people watch you.

If you're doing Screen Capture video for products or marketing videos, how you present yourself and structure your videos will determine how many people will watch your videos all the way through, which will determine how many people will have success with your training.
(Little Hint: The more people who watch your videos and take action with your training, the more people will have success.  The more people that have success with your products, the more people will want to buy your products, which means more money for you and a much bigger list of customers you will have! 🙂 )

So no matter what type of video you are doing, you need to do it correctly. It's vital for your business, and essential for your success.

If you would like to talk to me about editing your videos professionally and/or the training services I offer to get you up to speed quickly so you're engaging and natural in front of the camera send a message on the David Walsh Contact page. 🙂



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