How To Launch (Or Relaunch) Your
YouTube Channel In The Next 90 Days...

If You’ve Ever Found It Difficult About What Content To Create, Understand YouTube’s System Of Rankings, Getting Targeted Traffic From YouTube, Then Read Every Word Below…

When I first started taking YouTube seriously in 2013, I was weeks away from my 40th, my partner was between jobs, and I was almost done with all my clients.

To say I was looking at bringing in new clients was an understatement.

Looking through my notes, I saw YouTube brought me my last 4 clients.

So, doubling down, I decided that I’d start creating content while studying what worked.

As soon as I started to use what worked and ranked my videos on YouTube, it wasn’t long until I started getting clients coming in through the door.

After having multiple digital marketers ask me for help on their video marketing, I started to share my own procedures that I had created specifically for YouTube.

This lead to having Internet Marketing Guru’s message me asking for help.

Since then, I’ve helped my private clients and customers of my previous YouTube training bring in new clients while keeping their advertising spend as low as possible.

Including one of my clients who brought in $x, xxx with his 4th video!

But before we get into that, let me properly introduce myself (and share with you how my client got that result)…

My name’s David Walsh, and I’m the owner of David Walsh Online, and creator of Tube Traffic Academy.

As a strategist and consultant for using YouTube for your business, I’ve managed to build my personal YouTube following to over 170,000+ subscribers which has allowed me into the inner circle of YouTuber’s who know what works and what doesn’t.

This allows me to guide my clients and customers on upcoming changes before being caught by a nasty surprise.

Whenever I go down a path of something working, I obsess to the point where I am on the cutting edge.

And that’s exactly what happened with my business and YouTube channel as well as for my clients.

For about 2 years, I stopped creating courses and decided to work with private clients to truly get a gauge of what was working and what I could to do help new, struggling, or forgotten channels on YouTube to restart, grow, or make content creation easier.

Now, after researching, testing and tweaking, I’m going to finally share the deep insider secrets to creating a powerful following using video marketing and YouTube…

Imagine being able to plan a full YEAR’s worth of content and knowing exactly what to create and how to use that one video to bring a number of clients and building your authority in your marketplace.

And that’s exactly what I have for you today…

Tube Traffic Academy is the premier YouTube traffic course online today.

This is everything I get my private clients to go through with me in order to maximize their channel and video campaigns success…

Each module is designed to bring you another step closer to creating a powerful, perpetual, targeted, and completely organic traffic strategy to bring the right customers and clients to you…


The Authority Building Blueprint

In Module 1, we’re going to be looking at your positioning in the marketplace.

The reason is simple, if you’ve NOT positioned yourself properly first, you’re missing out on subscribers, customers, and clients.

Just by simply identifying what you’re amazing at and what makes you stand out from the competition will reposition you from how your audience sees you, and will attract the right people toward you.


The Content Mining Method

The old adage that “Content is king”still rings true, but it’s all about how you mine the right content for your audience.

In Module 2, we’re going to research Suggested videos and understand how to utilize keyword research to find the exact terms that your content is being ranked for.

Simply knowing this alone, will allow you to reposition what you’re doing as my previous clients have found they were NOT ranking for the keywords for their marketplace at all.

The simple combination of modules 1 & 2 changed their business virtually overnight.

I’m also going to help you uncover how to get Google and YouTube to tell you EXACTLY what you need to be using on your video titles!


Video Success Formula

Module 3 continues from Module 2 in a very significant way.

We take the research we’ve found so far and start turning it into video.

This means you’ll receive my personal Video Script Cheat Sheet which gives you the EXACT words to say on your videos to get the most out of them (as in how to influence people to subscribe, click on the links, and share your content).

Also, I’m going to give you the Video Title Cheat Sheet which is something only my high-end clients have been able to see previously.

This Cheat Sheet will reveal the 20 elements needed to create great video titles that hook viewers in.

The best part?

This module will also highlight (and outline) the types of videos to create for your YouTube Channel to help you grow.

Far too often my clients have come to me not knowing exactly what content to put out there.

Well, in this module, that fear is no longer going to be a concern!


Video Traffic Accelerator

Here, you’ll discover how to accelerate your videos on YouTube with the perfect Descriptions and Tags to use on your videos.

This just means that you’re going to be increasing the speed of how your videos are ranked, which in turn means that you’re going to receive more traffic.

You’ll also get access to Thumbnail templates to get more click throughs on your videos, having the right thumbnail can make or break your video and you do NOT want to let YouTube choose for you. (They always find the one where you’re making the weirdest face)!


Engagement Success Strategies

Engagement is everything, and when you have it, you have leverage, influence, and most importantly, it allows you to grow your audience at an incredible speed.

In this module, we’re going to cover how to build a relationship with your viewers.

Specifically, how to engage with your audience and create conversations with them so they can help you create more content and bring in more viewers.

All while helping them become customers, clients, and long term fans!


Business Builder Blueprint

We all should know by now that having an email list is essential to having a business online.

YouTube is no different.

In this module, we’re going to cover the best practices to grow your email list with YouTube.

Specifically how to not overly push your audience into your mailing list but rather draw them in.

This will include, how to talk about your products and services without talking about them and still get your ideal customers and clients to contact you.

I’m also going to be giving you the best practices for linking your audience from your videos to your website without being punished by YouTube. (Doing this wrong can cost you your channel)!

As a special bonus for Module 6, I’m also going to show you what other videos you can create to help YouTube sell more of your products or services for you.

Meaning they will send related videos and viewers to your videos.

I want you to succeed with getting organic traffic from YouTube to help you build your business.

But I’m unfortunately only able to work with a handful of clients at a time, which is why I decided to release this course.

I want you to be able to get all my knowledge – and updates, WITHOUT having to invest upwards of $5,000 per month.

That’s why I set it at a fraction of the price.

Here’s How You Get Started…

Click the order button where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout page where all you have to do is enter your regular details and complete your investment today.

Once you do so, you’ll receive an email with an invoice but also be able to register for your account.

After you register, you’ll have full access to Tube Traffic Academy.

The quicker you go through it, the quicker you can apply it and start seeing a return on your investment.

But I know life can get in the way which is why I’ve put together a powerful 60 day money back guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, over the next 30 days you’re not 100% satisfied by Tube Traffic Academy then send me an email through the support tab in the membership and I’ll happily issue a 100% refund to you.

And we’ll even part as friends.

Guarantee Box

If you’re not completely happy with Tube Traffic Academy, then let us know and we will refund you 100% of your investment, and we’ll still part as friends.

Send a ticket to our support desk and we’ll refund you as soon as possible.

Of course, I’m not going to leave you without any bonuses.

While the course is powerful, I’ve created a few bonuses to help you

Remember you get access to the best YouTube traffic course out there by a YouTube expert who has over 166,657 subscribers in the business niche

The Beauty Is That You Can Use The Same Strategies For Different Niches

So what are you waiting for?


Click the order button below, enter your regular details on the secure checkout page, and register your account.

You can have access to Tube Traffic Academy today in just a few minutes.

It’s time you stood out in your marketplace and leveraged the power of Video Marketing and organic YouTube traffic to grow your authority, presence and visibility.

Look forward to hearing from you,

P.S. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you take advantage of a system that is geared to work for YouTube. The choice is entirely yours.

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