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How To Change A YouTube Channel Name On The One Channel Layout

You’ve set up your new YouTube Channel, but you’re wondering how to change a YouTube Channel name… Well this is the question asked by swimwear model and actress Chanel Ryan in this segment of Ask David. Like many on YouTube, she set up her channel, but wasn’t able to add the name she wanted, and

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How To Get On First Page Of Google With Video Ranking

When it comes to video marketing, the question is often asked how do I get on the first page of Google with video ranking, or video rankings? The answer to this is that your best chances of ranking video on the first page of Google or YouTube happens before the video is even made… When

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How To Create Eye Catching Thumbnails For Your YouTube Videos

Creating eye catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos is one of the most underused methods of creating free traffic. This is your “advertisement” for your video, and when used properly, can be very successful. YouTube does give you the option to select one of three thumbnails it gives you from your video.  More often than

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Zed Shah Testimonial

Zed Shah Testimonial – I Use David On All My Projects

Zed Shah is an Online Marketer in the UK and has been behind many 6 figure and 7 figure launches in the past few years. He’s responsible for working on successfully bringing many products to market in the ClickBank space, and most recently was the JV Manager for the very successful launch of Chris Farrell’s

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Jo Barnes Testimonial

Jo Barnes Testimonial – 6 Figure Launch With 1 Tweak

On a recent Product Launch by Jo Barnes for her Social Networking Academy product, a quick conversation I had with her over a glass of wine more than Doubled her income from the launch – which was all pure profit. See how happy Jo was with the results she got – all from one simple

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Niche Marketing – But Not Where You Would Expect

Niche Marketing is something that’s been around in the Internet Marketing world for ages.  It’s something that’s been triend and tested and continues to do so day in, day out with hundreds of thousands of internet marketers. But to my surprise, I came across a very sizeable company implementing niche marketing in their own “niche”. 

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