Smart Cookies – Rich For Life Action Plan

SmartCookies’ Rich For Life Action Plan is a monthly Continuity Membership set up in WishList Member, with payments going through 1ShoppingCart.
With a few hundred members, this site is more than successful for their business. is a site that gives financial savings and tips to women, and have appeared on Oprah, and featured in numerous newspapers and magazines.
Their Rich For Life Action Plan aims to save their members $100 or more per week, with a tip that they give their members, saving them money on household bills, expenses that we have in life, like phone bills, car insurance, weekly shopping, etc.
The site setup wasn’t straight forward as they already were selling the Action Plan before the site was put together.  The site required importing of members into the site when completed.
Content is set up to be delivered every 7 days to members once they join, with corresponding emails set up in 1ShoppingCart.
If they’re not members, they get redirected to the Rich For Life Action Plan sales page. Salespage

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Once inside, they receive weekly tips to save money on their bills and expenses that life has.
The site did require some customisation and tweaking with WishList and integration with 1ShoppingCart in a number of instances since they were already selling the memberships without connecting WishList to 1ShoppingCart after the sale.

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