If you’re looking for either:

  1. a Product Launch Manager
  2. Product Launch technical setup or Product Launch support
  3. Video Editing and/or Video Marketing
  4. a Membership site or Secure Members Site (for a product)

then I’m your man! 🙂

Product Launch Management/Manager

As a qualified Product Launch Manager, trained personally by Jeff Walker, I can manage your Product Launch from beginning to end, and all aspects in between.
Whether it’s full Launch Management, Product Creation, Launch Technical Management/Support, JV Management or any other aspect of the launch process, I can help you achieve your goal of a successful Product Launch, with a full professional look and feel that you’re looking for – and expect.
If you would like to see some of the sites for Product Launches created by me, click on my Portfolio page to view some of them.
If you would like to read more about how I can help with your Product Launch, then you can read them on my Product Launch Services page.

Product Launch Tech Management or Support

I’ve worked on many Product Launches, either as a Product Launch Manager, taking care of all of the launch process, or just managing the all technical aspects of the Product Launch.
Whether that’s setting up your Prelaunch site, your JV Blog, your Secure Member’s Area, taking care of all the integrations with your autoresponder, payment gateway, hosting, etc – all the way through to server management for when you go live, and beyond.
There is a huge amount to be taken into consideration for your Product Launch, and I’ve experienced most, if not all, of them.  Product Launches bring up surprises in many shapes and forms, and every launch is unique. No matter how many you do, there are new things that can always happen. No matter what happens, I’m always prepared to do what it takes to make your product Launch a success.
For more about I offer here, you can read them on the Product Launch Tech Management & Support page.

Membership Sitess Or Secure Member Sites

Membership Sites, also known as Continuity Sites, are huge business.  They offer residual income for the site owners and a great source of information and community for the members.  Your content is secure and your Membership Site can be set up in many creative ways to keep your members excited and engaged.
Secure Member Areas keeps your content secure, and can also be set up to offer a community feel.
Keeping your content secure in a Secure Members Area means you get paid for your work, it’s harder for people to pirate your content and it allows you to create greater relationships with your members and keep them engaged for longer.
There are many different types of Membership Site types and also Secure Member Area types. There are many modules you can add or leave out depending on the goal of your site.
If you would like to know more about how I can help you get the site you want and need, you can read more on the Membership Site and Secure Member Site page.
Video Editing And Training
Video is vital to your online marketing efforts, both for a Product Launch, and for online marketing efforts in general.
Getting your video right for your site can be difficult and, if done incorrectly, can be more damaging than good.
Video allows you to connect with your prospects and customers. Whether you are doing Prelaunch videos for your launch, a video for your Video Salesletter, training videos for your products – either talking in front of the camera or screen capture – getting it wrong can be very easy to do. The good news is that doing a few simple things can make the difference between a video that damages you/your brand and video that

  1. engages your audience
  2. educates your customers
  3. builds your reputation
  4. build your brand
  5. promotes your products

and much much more.
As the founder of the largest Martial Arts video production company in its niche, and editing thousands of videos for physical products and online, I know a thing or two about successful video.
I also train clients on how to create their own videos to market themselves properly so video is an advantage and not a disadvantage. Knowing how to create your videos correctly will be working for you for years to come.
To find out more about what I can do for your video, either editing and/or showing you how to do your videos successfully, check out the Video Editing & Training page.

If you would like contact me regarding any of the above, or anything else, feel free to drop me a line on the David Walsh Contact page. 🙂