Everyone who has done a Product Launch knows of the stresses that are involved, and a large amount of that stress is down to how the technical Product Launch Management and the support you have.  The easiest way to keep these stresses to a minimum is by having a proven experienced team in place to take care of your tech for your launch.
All the technology needed for a successful launch can be very daunting to many people.  You have

  1. servers and hosting to take care of
  2. domains that need managing and pointing to the right server, depending on your launch setup
  3. Prelaunch blogs and content to create the whole buzz around your launch
  4. your JV Blog to keep in contact with your Joint Venture Partners throughout your launch
  5. a Secure Members Area to set up with all the content for your product, which is released at once or drip fed
  6. the Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart to set up and integrate with your Members’ Area
  7. your Optin and Autoresponders to setup and manage to make sure that everyone signs up correctly and they get your emails

and a host of other things throughout the whole launch.
This doesn’t include making sure that your hosting provider has more than enough bandwidth to be able to cope with large amounts of traffic, as well as having servers capable of being able to handle tens of thousands of people hitting your site all in one go when you start your launch or open your cart.
I’ve been there, done that, and seen many many sides of the whole Product Launch process.  I’ve learned a lot about what is essential for your launch, so you can be assured you won’t be stressing about all the above aspects when you begin your launch and you drive massive amounts of traffic to your site.
With the experience I’ve gathered over the years, I bring that expertise and knowledge to the table for your launch so you know your Tech is in safe hands.
Every launch brings something unique to the table, and no matter what happens, I’m there to take care of it.  This is why I’ve been paid 5 Figure Bonuses after launches, because I took care of issues before my clients even knew there were issues!
This is why I’ve been recommended time and time again.  I take care of everything, and make sure everything goes according to plan, as much as is possible.
If you would like to talk to me about your Product Launch Management or Technical needs, get in touch through the David Walsh Contact page.
I look forward to taking care of your Product Launch Technical Management or Support needs for your next launch.