Product Launches and launching your products to your list or marketplace can be one of the most rewarding activities you can have for your business.
You can bring in a years worth of revenue in as little as a week, and you can multiply your list of prospects and customers by 10 or 20 times, or more, in that same period of time.
Product Launches can give you, your products and/or services a huge boost to your business that can last for years to come.
But the whole Product Launch Process can be stressful and very very daunting, especially if it’s your first, or you are releasing a new product that people aren’t familiar with.
I’ve been managing launches for a number of years and I’ve also been trained by Jeff Walker, the creator of the Product Launch Formula.  I’ve also launched my own products over the years, and I’ve learned many things from my own Product Launches, and those of my clients.
When I work with you on your launch, I make sure that all the pieces are in place for your launch to be a huge success. Whether that’s:

  1. the Offer
  2. the Product, and producing it
  3. the List you’re marketing to
  4. the Joint Venture Partners who are also promoting your products
  5. your Hosting and Technical requirements
  6. the Secure Members’ Area/Website
  7. your Prelaunch Website
  8. the Prelaunch Videos

and all the other aspects needed.
I can work with you from Concept to Execution of your launch.
I can help you develop your product, create it and make sure that everything is in place so that your customers feel they’re getting huge value.  This can increase sales, and dramatically reduces refund rates once they’ve purchased.
I will also work with you to make sure your list is responsive to your launch too. Depending on how often you communicate with your list, how many offers they’ve seen, how much “goodwill” you have with them will determine if anything needs to be done before the launch, and if so, what.
I can also take care of the Secure Members’ Area for you. For your product to be as effective as possible, you need it to be laid out so people can access the content easily, and aren’t left wondering where everything is.
The more people go through your content and take action on it, the more success they have. The more people have success with your training, the more customers you will have and the more money you make! It’s as simple as that.
Without a Members’ Area that allows people to go through your content easily means you won’t have successful customers, which means you are damaging your own success and also increasing refunds of your products.
If you want to know more about these services, you can read more on the Membership Site/Secure Members’ Area page.
Being online, there are a lot of technical considerations to be made so your Product Launch goes smoothly and with as few hiccups as possible.  They range from the hosting company you use, to the where you host your videos, all the way down to the graphics and membership software you use. Then of course you have your Shopping Cart and Autoresponders and Payment Gateway…
And these are just the basics!
Knowing what goes where and when is a minimum requirement for a successful launch and I have delivered time and time again for clients in this area.
If you would like to know more about the Tech Services that I offer and can provide for you, check them out on the Product Launch Tech Management/Support page.
I also provide Video Editing services too. I help you be professional on video, which increases conversions and people doing what you want them to do.  Whether that’s a Like on Facebook, a Retweet on Twitter or to “Click The Buy Button”, having your videos done professionally makes all the difference.
To find out more about the video services offered, have a look at the Video Editing & Training page.
As you can see, I can provide everything you need for your Product Launch, from beginning to end. My team and I will do everything necessary for your launch to be a success, and then some!
To talk to me about how I can help with your launch, or any aspect of it, send me a message at the David Walsh Contact page and we can go over your requirements and how I can make your launch be a success through my Product Launch Management services.