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Ok, new YouTube updates, as well as updates with Google+, have been happening.  I guess there isn’t a week that there isn’t something updating somewhere on YouTube and Google+.
Well this time, they’re pretty significant, and one in particular, can mean your name and words popping up without you even knowing you gave permission for it to happen.

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So, Mr YouTube and Mr Google have been at it again. Their little coding hamsters have been busying themselves away creating updates on their sites…
In this video I go through what those updates are, and how they affect you.  One is very important to know about, so you protect yourself in the future.
There have been 4 major updates to YouTube and Google+ over the past few weeks.

Update #1

The first major update, which snook in, is the integration of Google+ Comments on YouTube.
The reason I say snook in is because you have to look for them to notice them…
When you go to the front of your Channel, and hit Discussion, you may not notice a thing.  But when you start typing in the discussion box and put a + sign in with a name, then things start to happen.
Google+ comments are now on the front of your Channel. This is Google’s first step at integrating them throughout the whole of YouTube and it seems to have worked successfully. Look out for a full roll out over the next few weeks.

Update #2

The second update happens to be with Google+.  If you’re on YouTube, you’re more than likely on Google+ – or you should be (more on that over the coming weeks!).
Google have updated their Terms Of Service on Google+ to allow them the ability to take your comments about products and sell them for Advertising.
So you could be talking about a new gadget you bought, even did a video on it, and talked about how great you think it is, and then all of a sudden, what you’ve said about it is on an ad..!
And Google got paid for it!
There is an opt out of this and next weeks video will cover how to get out of this.

Update #3

The third update is on YouTube.
If you’re logged into your Channel recently, and gone into the admin area, you’ll have noticed the Communities link on the left hand side.
When you click on it, you see that there’s an option to approve people in your Circles from Google+.  This is further integration with Google+.
You also have the ability to put people into a Banned Circle, which is a great feature…
They can troll away to their heart’s content, adding hate comments, spam or general crap on your Channel, and only they will see them.
They think they’re adding comments, but they’re getting removed and only their little troll eyes can see them.
This is Google’s way of dealing with Trolls and removing the crap they put on YouTube.
This comes into its own when you have 5000 subscribers or more – even though I have heard people are getting access to this with less Subscribers.
You get the ability to interact with your Subscribers, add them to Subscribers Circles on Google+ and even give them Subscriber only content.
You can also see how many subscribers they have and you have the ability to reach out to them and maybe collaborate with them, which can boost both your Channel.
I’ll be doing more videos on this as this feature develops.

Update #4

The final update for this post is the addition of Creation Tools on your Channel.
When you’re in looking at the Communities feature, you’ll also have noticed the link on the bottom left called Creation Tools.
This is a large library of music YouTube are giving you for free that you can use on your videos.
You have hundreds of songs available to use on as many videos as you like.
You also have the ability to Monetize your videos using this music, which you’re not able to do when you use copyrighted content.
One thing YouTube/Google do say is, that if you do get a Strike, just let them know the song name from the Creation Tools area that you used, and they should then remove the Strike.
So there you go, those are 4 significant YouTube updates happening on a YouTube Channel near you.
I’ll be covering these in more detail over the coming weeks.  I’ll have a video on the Google+ Terms Of Service next week, and how you can opt out of it.
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Like and Share this post too and help other to know about these YouTube Updates too 🙂

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