New YouTube Annotations – Interactivity Cards – YouTube Update 2014


After all the recent updates on YouTube, they’re not stopping there.  YouTube are at it again…
After I revealed the recent branding video clip that you can now have on the front of your videos, YouTube are updating the Annotations you can have on your videos.

We got the ability to have external links in our Annotations last year.  Now YouTube are going one step further by giving us graphics, headlines, body text and even a button with their new Annotations coming out, called Interactivity Buttons.
Now, this is a working title, so it may be something else when it comes to be released to all of us on our Channels.
The problem with Annotations is that they don’t work on mobile devices.  And with the growing numbers of viewers using their phones and tablets, having Annotations on mobile apps is a biggie.
But rather than develop the Annotation technology so it works on mobile Apps, they’ve seemingly bypassed that totally and gone one step further and added a lot of really nice functionality…
At first glance, these Interactivity Cards are very very cool.
You have an image, you have a headline, text and a call to action button.  For business owners, this is a giant step forward, as it opens up the possibility to get more and more people to your website from YouTube.
This move by YouTube is to entice big business to create more content and to spend more and more money on YouTube.
When they create more content, they get more visitors which will make them money.
When they spend more money, they make more money.
And why not..?
At the end of the day, it will help us to sell our products and services on YouTube and we’ll also want to create more content for YouTube and also spend more money with them.  If we’re getting a good Return on Investment, hell yeah!
So check out the video below to see what’s the new Interactivity Card looks like and start thinking of ways how you can implement this in your business once it becomes available to all of us.
Let me know what you think of the recent updates and how you can put them to use in your business.

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