Whether you’re setting up a Secure Member Site for your Product Launch, or want to set up a Membership Site for your products, I have the solution for you.
Create Amazing SurveysI’ve done sites in all shapes and sizes ranging from the basic to complex. (Check out the Portfolio page to see some of my work.)
For your Product Launch I can set up your site that’s easy for your members to get around, to find the content and easy to consume your training.  This is the key to keeping your customers once they join your program.  The easier you make it for them to go through your training, the more success they will have. And the more success they have, the more people will get to know about you and your products, and the more people will want to be your customer.
Having the right site layout is key when your customers join your program.
There are many considerations to have when creating a Members’ Area or Membership Site.
Do you have a forum?  Do you “Drip Feed” your content or give it in one go?  What shopping cart do you use and what autoresponder do you integrate with? Also, what Membership Software do you use?
And these are just the basic considerations..!
Your site can take many different forms and everything needs to be put in the correct place for it to work properly.
For your Membership Site, or Continuity Site, you have as many considerations to think about, and some more…
If you want to have a Monthly Membership Site, you have to take into account if you want to allow people access to previous content on your site or not, if you want to have different levels of access with different monthly payments attached, or what unique offering you want to have on your site that no one else does.
The membership software you use on your site will determine a lot of factors on how you deliver content to your members and customers. What you want to achieve with your site, and what you want to do on there will determine what software you use.
Not all softwares are created equal and having the correct software on your site can either make a lot more work for you, or can allow you to relax and have more time doing what you love with the ones you love.
If you’re unsure about what software to use, or how to structure your site, and what strategy to use that best fits with you and your lifestyle, then talk to me.  We can go over what’s the best strategy for you for your site and what infrastructure is best too.
We can then implement the right tools and software for you so your site is a success doing what you want it to do.
To contact me to find out what needs to be done for your site, whether it’s for a Product Launch or Monthly Continuity/Membership site, send me a message through the Contact David Walsh page.